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Spotlight: Congressional Bullies, We’re Watching You. Count On It!

Congressional Bullies

Congressional Bullies, We’re Watching You. Count On It! >by: Margarita Mercure Hibbs | October 17, 2013 at 3:34pm | People who claim to respect the rule of law, the constitution and election results, need to understand that the majority of people are very much aware of the bullying that the GOP Controlled Congress and the […]

Examine: How Racism Caused The Shutdown

"moral crisis" for America.

How Racism Caused The Shutdown   >by Zack Beauchamp on October 9, 2013 at 9:00 am | Thinkprogress | This isn’t an article about how Republicans shut down the government because they hate that the President is black. This is an article about how racism caused the government to shut down and the U.S. to […]

Obamacare edition: How well do you know the news?

Obama Cares

How well do you know the news: Obamacare edition >by James Arkin and Kourtney Geers | 09/20/2013 | Re-post 09/22/2013 #DLU! | Republicans in Congress have continued a push this week to attach defunding Obamacare to the continuing resolution funding the government, which President Barack Obama has said he will veto. Think you’ve been keeping […]

Spotlight: Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr.

Barack Obama (left) and Martin Luther King Jr. (right) are shown. | AP Photos

Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. >by Jonathan Allen | 8/24/13 7:01 AM EDT| Politico |Just a note: The March on Washington that took place on Aug. 28, 1963, was one of the largest political rallies and peaceful gathering in the nation for civil rights; highlighting the push for Jobs, Independence and Civil Liberties – […]

Expose: Conservative rant about the Democratic Party!

How misguided Conservatives see the Democratic Tree of [Ism's]

 Conservative rant about the Democratic Party! >by Barbara O’Donnell | August 22, 2013 | posted: DLU August 24, 2013 | I just couldn’t help myself, I had to post this …@Gbismarc | Okay…here’s a rant from a radical #Conservative more than likely #TeaBagger filled with lies and misconceptions…Take it for what it’s worth…Nothing! However, if […]

Expose: The GOP’s Totally Reactive Reaction to the War on Women

GOP's War on Women

The GOP’s Totally Reactive Reaction to the War on Women >By Garance Franke-Ruta | Aug 2 2013, 2:07 PM ET | Five different Republican committees this morning released a joint memo pushing back on the “Democrats’ War on Women” messaging to highlight the sex scandals of a group of Democratic men and argue that Democrats […]

Spotlight: Right-wing Voter Suppression [...]

PA Obama for America tile

[important]How Voter ID Laws Are Being Used to Disenfranchise Minorities and the Poor[/important] >by Andrew Cohen | Mar 16 2012, 12:10 PM ET |[Re-post! As of this day October 27, 2012, just days away from the most important presidential election since the end of the Civil War; Voter Suppression is still a part of the […]

Spotlight Editorial: Conspiracy World

Obama Akron Ohio

[important]Conspiracy World[/important] Editorial Published: October 9, 2012| |Re-post DLU October 21, 2012 | [Republicans have a problem handling the facts, especially when it doesn't bold-well [sic] for their campaign. Mitt Romney has been campaigning on lies and half truths since the on-set of his bid for the presidency. It is second nature for him to lie […]

Spotlight: Obama’s Debate Strategy

Obama on the phone

[important]Obama’s Critics Misread President Obama and Fail to Understand Debate Strategy[/important] >by: Rmuse |October 5th, 2012| One of the privileges of being a spectator in a sporting event is criticizing athletes for making the wrong play, and it never fails that the most vocal critic likely never donned a uniform or actually played in a […]

Review of: Mitt Romney’s 47% Theory

The Faces of the 47%

[important]Fox’s Week-Long Attempt To Distract From Romney’s Attack On The 47 Percent[/important] >by REMINGTON SHEPARD| September 21, 2012 1:17 PM EDT|[It has been a long week for the GOP's Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the Pundits over on Fox News aka GOP TV News; trying to reflect and redirect the damage caused by the 47% […]

Spotlight: We are better off as Obama’s lead – grows


[important]Just the Facts [/important] – The question of “Are you better now than 4 years ago” is not helping the Republicans because we would be at the end of the Bush era when the economy tanked! Plus, they need to remember that they’ve obstructed job growth on several fronts like for instance; blocking the Jobs […]

Spotlight: Lead plaintiff in Pennsylvania voter ID case gets her photo ID

Viviette Applewhite, 93

Lead plaintiff in Pennsylvania voter ID case gets her photo ID   >By Jessica Parks| Inquirer Staff Writer |Michael Bryant | Staff| Pa. drops online initiatives Watch the video below from the Ed Show! The day after a judge upheld Pennsylvania’s new voter identification law, the lead plaintiff in the suit seeking to block the […]

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