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Expose – GOP Sabotage US Economy – Conspiracy Theory Continues

Paul Krugman

>by Robert L. Gallimore , |DLU| June 20, 2012 | [See the beginning of the Conspiracy Theory - the take-down of President Obama below and watch the video: Secret meeting to take down Obama exposed Let’s Be Liberals and Vote the Right-wing – Out! Democratic Liberal Umbrella will give you the bitter and the sweet! […]

Expose – How Dark-Money Groups Sneak By the Taxman

Karl Rove Tax Form

[important]How Dark-Money Groups Sneak By the Taxman[/important] >by Gavin Aronsen | Wed Jun. 13, 2012 3:00 AM PDT| MotherJones | [See the beginning of the Conspiracy Theory - the take-down of President Obama below and watch the video: Secret meeting to take down Obama exposed Let’s Be Liberals and Vote the Right-wing – Out! Democratic […]

Spotlight – Obama’s Liberal Problem?

JFK Quote

[important]Obama’s Liberal Problem – Hum?[/important] >by Robert L. Gallimore , | DLU | June 15, 2012 | OK, my Liberal, Progressive friends: I don’t care what your beef is with Obama and his Administration…Please put it to rest – Now! Part of the Republican Conspiracy Theory is to pit Democrat against Democrat, Labor against labor […]

Mitt’s Message To Hispanics: You Ain’t Special!

Cuban Am

>by Ed Kilgore |Political Animal Blog | May 24, 2012 10:31 AM| [Wow, Mitt you should get zero support from the Hispanic Community! Gbismarc!] [important]Mitt’s Message To Hispanics: You Ain’t Special![/important] A year ago, one of the most commonly discussed scenarios for an Obama defeat in 2012 was his potential weakness among Hispanic voters, an […]

G.O.P. ‘Super PAC’ Attack on Obama

Joe Ricketts

[important]G.O.P. ‘Super PAC’ Attack on Obama![/important] > Robert L. Gallimore , |DLU| May 19, 2012 | Posted May 20, 2012 | We know its hard being a conservative with your hypocritical mindset, your high moral values and  these attack ads have always been a tactic from the GOP, the Good Ole Boys; trying to discredit […]

Moral Crisis in America


[error]Republicans Exposed[/error] >by Robert L. Gallimore on Thursday, May 03, 2012 It’s important that the American People know the truth and get the facts about the Republican Party. And for the past 40+ year they’ve call themselves the “High Values” {the accepted principles or standards of a person or a group}, with “High Standard” {the […]

Does The Republican Establishment Want To Lose?

UPI FILE The message being pounded home by the elites through the mainstream media is that Mitt Romney is now the nominee.

> by Bob Livingston | Personal Liberty Digest | April 30, 2012 |[Here's a Right-wing article that sheds some light on the gloom coming from the Republicans {GOP's Camp}; regarding their nominee and the concept of Direct Democracy. The new buzz word that's floating out there in the virtual world of collective thoughts and reasoning! […]

The Fundamental Problem in America: The Tea Party

Lyin African

[important]The Tea Party[/important] >by Robert L. Gallimore | Apr 29, 2012 | Updated: May 06, 2012 | The Tea Party in America {the Tea Party Americans} is the main problem that we are facing at this time and I’ve never seen people so bent on going against self interest as I see in the Tea […]

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Grills Rep. Allen West Over Communists Allegation: ‘Name Names For Me’

Soledad Obrien

>by Soledad O’Brien |Huff Post Media |Posted: 04/19/2012 10:32 am Updated: 04/20/2012 11:58 am |[Watch the video below on: Rep. Allen West (R-FL) responds to criticism after he claimed a number of Democratic reps in Congress are Communists. Constitutional Republic...Are you kidding me! Gbismarc!] Soledad O’Brien harshly challenged Rep. Allen West over his claim that […]

“All the Good Things Have Been Taken” by the Plutocrats


>by brian conners, Yahoo! Contributor Network| Apr 10, 2012 |[Back in the time of Ronald Reagan was when I knew that the Republicans Party was heading in the wrong direction and they called it Trickle-Down Economic, because the wealthiest American were just getting richer and richer and there was very little of the wealth (the […]

The Science of Fox News: Why Its Viewers are the Most Misinformed


>By Chris Mooney | AlterNet | April 8, 2012  |[Watch the video below on: The answer to Fox's question: What is the political war against women?The Republican war on women is not fictional - The Rachel Maddow Show (April 6th, 2012). Gbismarc!] Authoritarian people have a stronger emotional need for an outlet like Fox, where […]

Racial Politics:The Talk: Nonblack Version

John Derbyshire

>by John Derbyshire | April 05, 2012 |[Watch the video below on: National Review's John Derbyshire Pens Racist Screed With 'Advice' He Gave His Children on Avoiding Black People! [I have to admit John this is incredible and to have the balls to post it...Wow! I am wondering if you used the N-word in place […]

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