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Sam Brownback’s Tea Party Kansas

Sam Brownback

>by Sam Rolley|December 23, 2011 |[So Conservatives think that this person Brownback is turning Kansas into some model state of limited government for extreme conservatism! What do you think? So, do you have any thoughts on his conservative policies/politics?] Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas is on the way to making his State a showcase for […]

Senate GOP worries tax standoff could cost them chance at upper chamber

Senate Republicans

>By Alexander Bolton – 12/22/11 05:15 AM ET | [They need to be scared!] Senate Republicans are worried the standoff over extending the payroll tax holiday could hurt their chances of winning the upper chamber next year. Senior Republican aides have made clear in private conversations that their bosses are not happy with how House […]

Obama squeezes Republicans in year-end showdown

>By Stephen Collinson | AFP| 12-21-2011 | US President Barack Obama doubled down Tuesday in a pre-Christmas duel over taxes with Republicans, warning that political “brinksmanship” could put the fragile US economic recovery at risk. After a miserable year being thwarted by his foes on Capitol Hill, Obama turned the tables when the Republican-led House […]

GOP In 2011: Anything But Jobs

House Republicans

>Media Matters Political Correction |December 20, 2011 9:31 am ET |[What a joke, the Do Nothing Republicans Congressional Lawmakers! This first paragraph tells the story about this pitiful bunch of Lawmakers!] Throughout the 2010 campaign cycle, Republicans capitalized on the struggling economy to bolster their case for election, promising to focus all their political efforts […]

Obama, Boehner lock horns in payroll tax fight

By Jason Reed / Reuters/Reuters. U.S. President Barack Obama is pictured alongside a payroll tax cut extension count …

By Thomas Ferraro and Richard Cowan |12-20-2011 |[Well, what happen to the Grover Norquist's pledge "Not to Raise Taxes!" ...It’s dead because it's raising taxes on the Middle-class, however, not all Middle-class are Liberals, Democrats etc.  ... I’ll give you something to think about. That's a lot of votes/voters out there...Congressional Republicans and your game […]

Insight: Boehner leadership in focus in tax cut debate

John Boehner in back of a sign - Jobs!

By Richard Cowan and Thomas Ferraro | 12-20-2011 | [Wow, did you check out the sign - Jobs! The Republicans don't care about creating jobs; just like I don't care too much about's for kids! It's a statement that you can take with a grain of salt...and to my knowledge they're not creating jobs […]

Obama Health Care Law: Supreme Court Sets Dates To Hear Oral Arguments


>Mike Sacks |Huff Post Politics| First Posted: 12/19/11 12:05 PM ET Updated: 12/19/11 01:06 PM ET| What do you think? WASHINGTON — March madness is coming to the Supreme Court next year. The justices have designated three days, March 26 to March 28, as the oral argument dates for the health care cases. The Court agreed […]

House GOP leaders want new payroll tax cut bill

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky leaves the floor after the Senate …

By ALAN FRAM | AP | 12-18-2011| [Oh, now we want to change our tune(s) on the deal...Yes the Payroll Tax Cuts should be extended longer - plain and simple! $170.00 is crap...extend it for a year – until after the election! What happen to the discussion about the Millionaires paying their way?] WASHINGTON (AP) […]

House Republicans oppose Senate payroll tax bill

John Boehner

By David Lawder and Donna Smith | Reuters | 12-18-2011|[We need Obama to hold out until after the election with this pipeline deal! Boehner needs to get his TEA Party Republicans in line and we all know that they could careless about helping the middle-class!] WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The fate of an expiring tax break […]

Obama wants payroll tax extended for entire year

Obama wants Payroll Tax Cuts entended for a year

>By KEN THOMAS |AP |12-17-2011|One thing has nothing to do with the other! WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama, rebuffed by Congress on a yearlong extension of a Social Security payroll tax cut, said Saturday that it would be “inexcusable’” for lawmakers not to lengthen the short-term deal when they return from their holiday break. […]

House GOP voices opposition to Senate payroll tax cut package

The Hill

>By Russell Berman – 12/17/11 05:17 PM ET | Two months? Are you kidding me! This Keystone provision shouldn’t be a part of the deal to extend the Payroll Tax Cuts! The two-month payroll tax cut extension that passed the Senate on Saturday may not be a done deal. Rank-and-file House Republicans voiced extreme opposition […]

Dem lawmaker blasts ‘Professor Obama’ as arrogant, alienating

Dennis Cardoza

>By Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D-Calif.) – 12/13/11 06:05 AM ET | [Dennis your opinions of the President at this or anytime doesn't help the cause and something's you need to keep to yourself and this may be one of those times! Remember, he is still your president and you’re still a part of the Democratic […]

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