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Obama Vows Veto if Deficit Plan Has No Tax Increases

By HELENE COOPER Published: September 19, 2011 WASHINGTON — President Obama called on Monday for Congress to adopt his “balanced” plan combining entitlement cuts, tax increases and war savings to reduce the federal deficit by more than $3 trillion over the next 10 years, and said he would veto any approach that relied solely on […]

Democratic Liberal Umbrella on the move!

Come and check out Democratic Liberal Umbrella on Face Book at:, tell me what you think! Democratic Liberal Umbrella is stuck in the 290′ies. New blog on Face Book in the works: Turn Congress -Blue! Remember to SHUT OFF Fox News – Now! And my Ohio friends…come on over to Ohio Democrats – Election […]

IRS: 1,470 millionaires paid no income tax in ’09

By Michael Winter, USA TODAY Updated 2011-08-08 7:35 PM Not the best day to report this, but the IRS says 1,470 millionaires paid no federal income taxes in 2009. Where did the money go? Tax “expenditures” (otherwise known as deductions, write-offs, subsidies or loopholes), charities, municipal bonds and tax payments to foreign governments, according to […]

Democrats Hit Back On ‘Class Warfare’ Claims, Call Out GOP For Cutting Aid To Women And Children

First Posted: 9/20/11 04:30 PM ET Updated: 9/20/11 04:57 PM ET: NEW YORK — Democrats are hitting back at Republicans who say President Obama’s plan to increase taxes on millionaires and billionaires amounts to “class warfare,” arguing that the GOP is the party that has been protecting the interests of a particular class — the wealthiest […]

Obama Buffett Rule Comments: Are Rich Actually Taxed At Higher Rate Than Middle Class?

STEPHEN OHLEMACHER   09/20/11 12:38 PM ET   WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says he wants to make sure millionaires are taxed at higher rates than their secretaries. The data say they already are. “Warren Buffett’s secretary shouldn’t pay a higher tax rate than Warren Buffett. There is no justification for it,” Obama said as […]

Wisconsin Recall Elections: Record $44 Million Spent By Campaigns, Outside Groups

First Posted: 9/20/11 10:13 AM ET Updated: 9/20/11 10:37 AM ET: By SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press MADISON, Wis. — Nearly $44 million was spent on recall elections targeting nine Wisconsin state lawmakers after a clash over collective bargaining rights, and unions and conservative special interest groups led the way, according to estimates being released Tuesday. The […]

President Obama At Fundraiser: U.S. Will Go Down ‘Perilous Path’ If Leaders Don’t Move Quickly

First Posted: 9/19/11 09:40 PM ET Updated: 9/19/11 11:09 PM ET: By BEN FELLER, Associated Press NEW YORK — President Barack Obama warned Monday that the United States is headed down a “perilous path” if its leaders cannot move quickly and responsibly to help people get back to work. Obama, speaking at an exclusive Park Avenue […]

Obama White House: ‘Compromise By Necessity’ Phase Is Behind Us

First Posted: 9/20/11 12:13 PM ET Updated: 9/20/11 12:23 PM ET: WASHINGTON — At the conclusion of the debt ceiling debate this August, there was broad relief inside the Obama White House. The resolution to cut roughly $1 trillion in spending without a single revenue raiser (while planning to find another $1.5 trillion in cuts later) […]

What If the Tea Party Wins?

They Have a Plan for the Constitution, and It Isn’t Pretty In the Tea Party’s America, families must mortgage their home to pay for their mother’s end-of-life care. Higher education is a luxury reserved almost exclusively to the very rich. Rotten meat ships to supermarkets nationwide without a national agency to inspect it. Fathers compete […]

In Deficit Plan, Obama Drops Compromise for Confrontation

By BINYAMIN APPELBAUM Published: September 19, 2011 WASHINGTON — The details of President Obama’s plan to reduce federal deficits by more than $3 trillion over 10 years, which he laid out Monday morning, underscore a strategic White House shift away from the pursuit of compromise toward a more partisan confrontation. The key points of the […]

2012 field knocks Obama budget plan

By JUANA SUMMERS | 9/19/11 2:44 PM EDT Updated: 9/19/11 3:45 PM EDT: As President Barack Obama defended his plan to cut $3 trillion from the federal deficit in a Rose Garden appearance, he drew swift opposition from Republican presidential contenders who dismissed the proposal as class warfare and an unrealistic attempt to lower the […]

Jobs, Obama among topics at steak fry

Speakers say creating more jobs and retaining Democratic majority in Iowa Senate are priorities   2:56 PM, Sep. 19, 2011 Members of the American Legion Post 165 in Indianola lead the audience in the Pledge of Alliegance Sept. 18 at the Harkin Steak Fry at the National Balloon Classic balloon field east of Indianola. / MICHAEL […]

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