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Does Economic Recovery Expose Right-Wing Lies? Why the GOP Denies Data

Just the Facts

By Jeremy Holden | Sourced from Media Matters| Posted at February 29, 2012, 1:16 pm|    As evidence mounts that the U.S. economy is improving, President Obama’s detractors in the conservative media have been reduced to fits of denial. That the economy is improving is not in question. Wednesday, the Bureau of Economic analysis estimated that the […]

Democracy Alliance Dumps Progressive Organizations

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>By Ryan Grim | Huffington Post | February 28, 2012  | The private network of major progressive and Democratic donors has dropped a number of prominent organizations. The Democracy Alliance, a private network of major progressive and Democratic donors, has dropped a number of prominent organizations, according to people familiar with the group’s decision. The […]

Democrats for Santorum in Michigan (aka Operation Hilarity): Romney Once Did the Same Thing

>By Markos Moulitsas | Sourced from Daily Kos | Posted at February 28, 2012, 7:34 am | Mitt Romney voted for Paul Tsongas in the Democratic presidential primary in 1992. Why? He’s given several reasons (of course), but among them: When there was no real contest in the Republican primary, I’d vote in the Democrat primary, vote for the […]

Republicans Block the Vote: How Voter-ID Laws Suppress Registration Drives and Block Democratic Votes

Just the Facts

>ByLou Dubose | The Washington Spectator | February 26, 2012  | There is no real reason for voter-ID laws. Simply stated, voter-ID bills become laws because Republican legislators pass and Republican governors sign them.  The following piece appears in the current issue of the Washington Spectator. For more great stories, check out their site.  In 2005, Mark “Thor” […]

Economists see more reasons for optimism this year

Economists see more reasons for optimism this year, but maintaining slow growth expectations >By Samantha Bomkamp, AP Business Writer | Associated Press | 02/27/2012 | NEW YORK (AP) — Economists are increasingly confident that some pillars of the U.S. economy will improve this year, but they still remain cautious in their expectations on the overall […]

Fire alarm

>Donna Brazile []| Sun 2/26/2012 11:23 AM | The right wing will do anything to destroy President Obama – including waging war on women’s health rights and burning the entire economy to the ground. Friends,   The right wing will do anything to destroy President Obama – including waging war on women’s health rights and […]

Obama Tells Latinos: Don’t Say I Didn’t Try for Immigration Reform

President Obama Tells Latinos

>by Julianne Hing, Thursday, February 23 2012, 10:47 AM EST| President Obama took to the airwaves yesterday to let Latinos know he did his best to hold up his end of his promise to reform the country’s immigration system, reports Univision. When asked whether or not he broke his campaign promise to bring comprehensive immigration […]

“Kill every last gay person”

“Kill every last gay person”   >by: Eden James, [] | Sat 2/25/2012 5:02 PM   |[Extreme!!!] Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill has been re-introduced. Citibank and Barclays wield significant influence in the country, but have so far been silent. Tell the two banks to speak up now and help stop the terrifying bill […]

The GOP’s other nomination headache

Bob McDonnell and Sen. Marco

>By Steve Kornack| Friday, Feb 24, 2012 8:05 AM Eastern Standard Time |[The Republican Party nominees are a disappointing bunch to the conservative base as an ex-Republican I certainly would be with this slate of GOP hopefuls! Oh well, let's not get too over-confident and become complacent as we were in 2010! What else can […]

Why Obama’s the Least Socialistic President in Modern History (And That’s a Shame)

No to Obama's Socialism

  >ByRichard (RJ) Eskow | AlterNet | February 18, 2012  | [Well, what do you think about this article? Is Obama a socialist? Is there a problem with the label: Socialist? Gbismarc!]    If the nation were governed by a referendum of Republican voters it would be more “socialistic” than it has been under President […]

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