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Robert L. Gallimore – Democratic Liberal Umbrella DLU | 10/15/2011 |

President ObamaThere are many of us with our own personal views, opinions, criticisms etc., about the President and the GOP presidential candidates; they are your feelings and to each his own! This is not GOP TV News (Fox) that lies to their public only to keep the brain dead on the right side — the conservative side — confused! Here on DLU (Democratic Liberal Umbrella) you will get the bitter with the sweet and you will need to choose what flavor suits your taste! Choose well!

Many of you that don’t much care for me because I’m opinionated, I’m not a devolved Christian as you are, that I’m not conservative as you are, that I’m an Atheist as you are not! But, that’s OK in my book, you’re still my friends! But politically, we are fighting the same fight [the Political War of Words and Beliefs] against the Right-wing conservative! We are entrusting ourselves, our lives to the current administration; just hoping that they’ll do the right thing to get us through these hard times! I feel that it’s a good bet and a safe one! We’re in a much better place than the GOP would have you think! If by some chance that Herman Cain gets the nod for the Republican candidacy for the Presidential race, I think it’s slim, then you’ll have a choice to make and sitting at home will not do it [it will not cut the mustard]! Herman Cain

Yes, I am talking to the Minor population, specifically to the African-Americans; the question for them: Who do you go with during the election season either the current President, current administration or do you go with the GOP’s choice? There is no other choice, you are needed to make a stand on the principles set forth in the Voter’s Right’s Act of 1965 that fighting Democrats sat into place for the average American citizen; giving them (you) the right to vote!

“In 1965, Democrat Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law, a landmark piece of legislation that outlawed discriminatory voting practices that had been responsible for the widespread disenfranchisement of African Americans. This was an important step forward—the result of a long, hard struggle—but it was neither the end of discrimination nor disenfranchisement.” It continues today! So, no, there will not be able-bodied Americans sitting at home on that day!

As I stated, I don’t think that will happen (slim at best), but it’s possible that two African-Americans will be fighting for the Presidency! That in itself, would be a landmark event, the first in the American History! If it does come down to that and Herman is the conservative (GOP) candidate of choice, as he might be, you need to think on that because Herman’s conservatism is not the same as your beliefs. You may be saying: What does he mean by that? I’m from the South and Herman’s from the South (personally I’m not sure to that point of Herman being original from the south) that’s beside the point! The point is, Herman Cain is GOP, he is TEA Party, and their philology is different from the Conservative Democrats ideology! Think on that a minute and you’ll begin to see what I mean!

You see that election of 2010 was a turning point for the GOP; we [meaning Democrats/Liberals/Independents/Moderates/Progressives] sat back, sat at home and let the GOP take the House, and Governor Positions in the South. If you’re up on the news, you have heard and seen where the Governors and GOP Congress are trying to change things to make it harder to cast your vote [suppression] reverse the milestone of 1965. You have noticed new laws to stop immigrate from entering and/or currently living in the country, the [revised immigration law changes] are forcing immigrates to stay home because they’re scared of being deported back to their native home for minor traffic violation. GOP to overturn abortion rights for women — Human rights — to their own bodies [Roe vs. Wade of 1973]. Equal rights are being turned back to pre- 60’s [civil rights] as mentioned above just to name a few! In addition, look at the collective bargaining rights of union members to bargain for equal pay are being overturned by the Republicans! President Obama is right with his analogy of driving a car – you put the car in (R) reverse to go backward and in (D) drive to move forward – that’s is as plain and simple analogy as any and that’s where we’re headed – forward with him! With Herman Cain as the pone for the GOP it would seem OK to turn back the hands of time because he is one of us – a Minority! Do you see what I’m getting at, do I need to continue?

So, my conservative friends [Conservative Democratic friends], I want to also include Moderates, you cannot be complacent, you cannot sit at home, you have to voice your opinion via voting in 2012. And, by some chance you or someone you know doesn’t have the right documents to vote; we need to work on it now! Spend some time with them ensuring that they have a picture ID and/or Passport etc. We have time – 12 months! We need all the help that we can get to beat these Rights Reverse’s and turn the tide back into our favor of– True Democracy! For those — What I call — the “I Just Don’t Care” about politics, I just don’t care about the Presidency, and I just don’t care about it – period! Well than and you heard it before, you don’t have the cause and/or the right to complain, criticize, wine & cheese [etc] about your situations and the nation’s — Indian term – The First Homeland Security — and that’s plain and simple!

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