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United we stand Divided we Fall — 2012 Election

United we stand Divided we Fall — 2012 Election > Personal Political Criticism > DLU Articles > Democratic Liberal Umbrella

Jeff Carlsonby Jeff Carlson on Friday, August 12, 2011 at 12:20pm | IF YOU LIKE THIS ARTICLE, PRESS LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE!

I see many comments out there that leads me to think that the Message is in total control of the Right Wing and we need to take stock and look at what is at stake. This is a short list but the MAIN LIST for 2012.

1. Supreme Court — this is the number one issue and it is why they are willing to destroy the economy. As many as 3 Judges will be appointed and the country might be set back to the 1800′s if the people that brought you Citizen United wins the election.

2. Medicare — we have seen in the RYAN bill they want to end Medicare as we know it and create a voucher system that will not cover nothing for most seniors. Suicide would be rampant amongst Seniors. Things to think about this is a payroll deduction and we all have been paying on this INSURANCE since we started working — WHO IS getting our money under RYAN’s Bill — he wants to give another 37% tax break for the upper 1% that’s who. Note Medicare needs some work — Number one is to be able to negotiate with DRUG companies on the Price of Drugs would slash 30 to 50% off on Medicare Part D.

3. Social Security — They want to privatize it and that means the 3.1 trillion surplus will be handed over to Wall Street and Fees will be attached meaning at least 10 % will be going to pay bonuses to the people who destroyed the economy. All Presidents since Reagen started it have borrowed against the Funds meaning those funds are on paper only, WALL STREET has told the Party of Scrooge they want that money so look out.

4. Education — you can look at how they are attacking teachers at a state and somewhat national level. This is about busting the teachers unions and getting the system set for Vouchers and Private Schools with Public Education ended or just not funded. WHY America according to the Chamber of Commerce no longer needs a Middle Class or people with education — But they must continue to educate the RICH and they want to POOR to pay for them.

5. FDA, EPA and other departments that oversee Corporations are under attack — the Party of Scrooge [Party of No] wants zero regulations and proudly admits that they can regulate themselves. Can you imagine the Koch Brothers dong anything but polluting. Clean AIR, Fresh Water, Food supplies that we can eat that will not kill us, toys that will not harm our kids, drugs that will not kill you — these are all at stake.

6. Workers rights — I have to mention these because it is a wedge issue for sure. Obama has done many things that we as progressives DO not LIKE and do not want. That said he is between a rock and a hard place on this until after the 2012 election. HE cannot draw down because the Right in this country will call him a WEAK and Scared President. I take the high road on this and I think after the 2012 election we will see a OBAMA drawing down and ending the wars. FOR those who do not understand — because BUSH Broke it we now OWN it and it will not be easy Drawing down and totally ending it.

7. Workers rights — this is a all out war on the Middle Class. The Party of Scrooge wants to end MIN wage, end Protection at the work place, end child labor laws, end age, gender and race protection and basically become a third world country — Supreme Court is going to play a huge ROLL on this — if they win all of what I wrote will happen.

8. LOOK at Michigan and you will see what the Party of Scrooge want to do around the country. Take over and throw out elected officials and seize the properties and sell them off to private firms. They are using Blackwater to do this and that should frighten all of us. This is a PRIVATE RIGHT WING army / other thing company that would not hesitate killing those who protest.

These are things that will happen if we as a PARTY do not stand as one come 2012. Nothing would shock the Party of Scrooge and Karl Rove more than all of us that are Democrats ignore the MEDIA BLITZ and say we are VOTING and VOTING DEMOCRAT and that includes OBAMA

UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL — Oh so true and this may be our last chance to do this come 2012 VOTE VOTE


I feel as strong as Jeff does about What We Stand For, we sat back in 2010 for various reasons when President Obama needed some support in holding down Congress. That was not to time to become complacent, it was the time to shore-up a stronger Democratic Congress and in walks 87+ mostly extreme GOP leaders ready and willing to change things not for the betterment of this country but to drill down on the rights of our citizens! If you have notices changes  on immigration laws, women rights to their own body, civil rights laws, voter suppression changes in key states like Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania etc. There’s a reason for those changes because as for — Voter Suppression –, the GOP know that they don’t have the numbers to win the election of 2012 on their own merits. They need to limit the playing field to win ergo — trying to make it harder for hard working people to vote — giving the GOP a better chance to win. They want to win so bad that they can taste it; and the only way they won in the past Presidential elections was through fraud and treason ergo the past 5 Republican Presidents! Think about that, research it and you will find controversy! So, my Liberal friends, what are we going to do this time, especially with the slate of GOP hopefuls? Are we going to sit back and let them ruin this country – further? Do you really want to be governed by one of those – idiots? Not me! I say that the sleeping Giant is awake and we need to show it in 2012! We say get involved — now — before your voices are forever – silent!

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  1. Quote of the Day BY: Chip Ward is a political activist
    by Jeff Carlson on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 9:49pm

    “Beyond all the rhetoric about freedom from the new stars of the Republican Party, the strategy is simple enough: obstruct and misinform, then blame the resulting dysfunction on “government.” It’s a great scam. Tell the voters that government doesn’t work and then, when elected, prove it. And first on the list of government outfits they want to sideline or kill is the Environmental Protection Agency, so they can do away with the already flimsy wall of regulation that stands between their toxins and your bloodstream.”

    Jeff Carlson:
    How the 1% Pillage the Environment

    We are in a war we cannot afford to lose
    Come 2012 there is only one party that is
    behind the EPA and it is not the Party of Scrooge.

    What if the degradation of our planet’s
    life-support systems — its atmosphere,
    oceans, and biosphere — goes hand in
    hand with the accumulation of wealth,
    power, and control by that corrupt and
    greedy 1% we are hearing about from Zuccotti Park?
    What if the assault on America’s middle class
    and the assault on the environment are one and the same?

    This is one of the most powerful articles you can read
    about where we stand — the 99% vs the 1%

    Clink on Link to read whole article

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