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I am so tired of people supposedly on my side, being as F**KING STUPID as the baggers are.


- ONLY 6 (SIX) DEMOCRATS VOTED TO FUND THE CLOSING OF GITMO. That means that not only did ALL of the REPUBLICANS in Congress vote against it, but MOST of the DEMOCRATS DID TOO. People who blame President Obama for that are F**KING STUPID.

- THE DEMOCRATS NEVER CONTROLLED CONGRESS. No, not EVER. Stop repeating this lie. You look like an idiot, and you’re not helping. There were NEVER 60 votes – enough for a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Not even for a microsecond. People who blame President Obama for something that is OUR FAULT (for not sending him a Progressive Army, then staying home in a whiny snit) are F**KING STUPID.

(See The Reid Report – Barack Obama and the myth of the progressive ‘majorities’)

- CANDIDATE OBAMA RAN ON CHANGE AND PROMISED TO END PARTISANSHIP. He is still trying. It’s the GOP who refuse. HE has KEPT THAT PROMISE. It’s OUR FAULT there are asshats in Congress who care more about their hatred for one man, and regaining power, than their own COUNTRY, and ALL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Either we elect ALL DEMOCRATS, or who aren’t bought and paid for corporate whores (BEN NELSON, I’M TALKING TO YOU), or non-insane Independents, or we’re DONE. There are no sane Republicans left. That is a fact. Anyone who cannot understand this is F**KING STUPID.

- THE GOP OWNS THE PRESS. Stop saying the POTUS isn’t working hard enough. Stop saying that he doesn’t fight. Stop buying into the LIE the GOP OWNED MEDIA are pushing on you. http://whitehouse.gov has a vast video archive of the POTUS WORKING HIS ASS OFF EVERY DAMN DAY. PAY ATTENTION. The GOP MEDIA tells you that Lindsay Lohan is more important than Americans being out of work, so if you don’t think the POTUS is working hard, you are FUCKING STUPID.

- PRESIDENT OBAMA CANNOT ARREST THE ASSHAT BANKSTERS THAT CRASHED THE ECONOMY. President Bush made everything they did LEGAL. That fact happens to be important, unfortunately, just like the torture, and war crimes, etc….  THEY CHANGED THE LAW. President Obama has done everything he can to reverse all that, but you cannot suddenly declare someone a criminal for eating chocolate if chocolate was legal at the time of ingestion. The law doesn’t work that way, and if you claim you’re FOR the rule of law, you have to be ALL IN. If you cannot see this, you are F**KING STUPID.

- OBAMA DID NOT GET A LOT OF CAMPAIGN MONEY FROM “WALL STREET.” Go here and read what it actually SAYS in bright red letters: Open Secrets. “The organizations themselves did not donate.” PEOPLE who WORK FOR big companies, donated to Obama. Not GOLDMAN SACHS the COMPANY – but EMPLOYEES OF. Anyone who has contributed to the Obama Campaign is aware of the restrictions.  If you don’t believe me, go try yourself. Give $5. It’s easy (here)

President Obama has done A LOT to re-regulate the Financial industry. As much as possible with the GOP ASSHATS in CONGRESS fighting him every step of the way.

- PRESIDENT OBAMA POSTPONED THE CLEAN AIR REGULATION REFIT for 13 months, he never killed it. There is a current study that is almost finished. When it is, the regulations are going to be STRICTER, (which is why the GOP is so desperate to get rid of the EPA), and there is no reason to start a refit that will likely have to be DONE OVER with MORE MONEY in a shitty GOP economy when the new regulations come out. This is just another LIE, and the GOP is trying to paint Obama as anti-environment. Anyone who is ignorant enough to believe that is F**KING STUPID.

- NO AMOUNT OF PROTESTING WILL STOP THE CANADIANS FROM GATHERING TAR SANDS OIL. This is one of the biggest wastes of anger I think I’ve seen, and one more faux fight the GOP wants people to hate on our President about. STOP ALLOWING THEM TO MANIPULATE YOU!!! If you buy into this nonsense, YOU ARE F**KING STUPID. Did you know there are over 120,000 miles of oil pipelines in the US already? Why aren’t people screaming about that? (See here)

Before I get into this, first let me say I am SHE WHO DRIVES A PRIUS. I want a plug-in one next year, and will be the first one in line if Jeep ever get around to making a plug-in standard-shift Wrangler. Electric vehicles should be the ONLY legal vehicles on our roadways. I am very anti coal, anti nuclear, and very pro wind, and solar […]

That said, I am not naïve enough to think we’re going to get the world to magically stop using petroleum over night.

I’ve done some research on THE PIPELINE THING, and there are a LOT of things the protestors aren’t saying. And of course, the political punditry isn’t about to try to do anything to make this a rational conversation when they can create more Obama Outrage™.

Canada has been producing oil from tar sands/bitumen for over a hundred years. The production isn’t NEW. Yes, technology has advanced, along with demand. The pollution that everyone is screaming about from the production of this oil, is already happening, and whether Keystone XL is constructed or not, that won’t change. Instead of protesting the pipeline, why not fight to shut down the tar sands itself? (See here)

No pipeline is 100% completely safe (ask Yellowstone). However, I would rather have an over-land pipeline than more offshore drilling (but no one is asking me.)

Keystone XL/Tar Sands pipeline – is HILLARY’s baby, not Obama’s. The STATE DEPARTMENT is in charge of this entire thing. The State Department is who gave the environmental “okay” assessment, and it will be THE STATE DEPARTMENT who gives the final green light when all the data is in at the end of  2011. President Obama can veto it, but the bottom line on this is, THIS IS THE STATE DEPARTMENT’S DECISION.

Sooooo… Why aren’t they screaming at Hillary?? Why aren’t they even mentioning her & the State Department? Because that would be too TRUTHFUL, and it would take away their opportunity to bash Obama.

There are still many meetings to take place with locals from every state, which the pipeline is slated to pass through, and more local assessments. So NO – this is not a done deal.

There must be a study somewhere, on which creates more pollution, and which is safer in the long run – a pipeline, or countless tanker trucks, and trains, all of which could also create spills while burning gasoline and emitting carbon monoxide into the atmosphere – carrying this oil to the refineries of America. Which one creates less chance of an accident? A pipeline? Or countless trucks and trains? I honestly don’t know the answer; there have been many of both. It would seem the potential for a larger spill would come from a pipeline, but the amount of trucks on the road transporting it, and giant train accidents might override that. There are some interesting numbers on oil pipeline accidents in the US (including the recent on in Yellowstone), here.

I would also like to point out something else that no one is talking about: If we say no to this oil from Canada, why aren’t we saying no to oil from everywhere? WHY AREN’T WE SAYING NO TO OIL???

Well, obviously we’re not, nor are we going to anytime soon. So we can either continue to get the oil from the Middle East (who for the most part, do NOT have our best interests at heart) and Central America, or we can add Canada (who DOES actually like us) to our list and take away some power from the Saudis It would also lower the price of oil for us, and create a metric shit ton of JOBS (not that that should be an important issue.)

Do not think that even if President Obama vetoes this, that Tar Sands won’t produce oil. It will, and DOES. China will likely be the primary buyer. Then they can sell it back to us, for a profit, and TAKE MORE OF OUR JOBS.

In a perfect world, we’d be working on outlawing petroleum, but that’s not anywhere close to happening. And it will never happen until we make a national commitment to invest in renewable green energy technology, and demonizing Obama won’t get us there any faster. In fact, if we end up with any GOP POTUS, it’s likely to F**K US FOR A VERY LONG TIME. He’s the first POTUS to put Carter’s solar panels back on the White House after Reagan took them down.

Instead, this one pipeline has become the latest political GREEN übercause the PL has chosen to throw at President Obama. This is their FINAL LINE IN THE SAND. Like the debt ceiling was, and the public option, and……

What happened to offshore drilling? That is a billion times more dangerous than this. What about all the other oil producers across the globe? Why aren’t they all screaming about them?


To pick out this, and make it a target for super special Obama hatred is not surprising, even though he has stopped mountain top removal for mining, and been the most aggressive POTUS in history to invest in Green Energy.

At this point, I have to be honest; I can see why this is being considered. I also think there are much bigger things the conservationists should be willing to get arrested over, like why the 40 year-old Nuclear plants which should have their licenses revoked without upgrades and, let’s face it, rebuilds, are getting their licenses extended for another TWENTY YEARS.

There’s one other thing – this pipeline will create tons of jobs, and help the economy. THAT IS WHY THE GOP WANT THE PROGRESSIVES TO HATE IT.

The more you know…… (see here)


Well said…something to think about, especially what the GOP want the Progressives to hate on! We do need to get real on a lot of things and obtain the facts…something that we’ll not get watching Fox News!


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