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Bill Maher’s Warning to Liberals: Obama Could Still Lose to Santorum

Bill Maher’s Warning to Liberals: Obama Could Still Lose to Santorum > Political Opinion > Political Views > DLU Articles > Democratic Liberal Umbrella

>By BruinKid | Sourced from DailyKos |Posted at March 3, 2012, 9:52 am |[Guess What People...this is no joke Obama could lose!]

 In last night’s final New Rule, Bill Maher had a two-pronged message, first noting how Rick Santorum is a joke candidate, but then noting that Americans have far too often gone ahead and elected those joke candidates as President.

So, maybe that’s why everywhere I go lately, the supermarket, the dry cleaners, the withdrawal window at my bank (weeps), people all say the same thing to me.  ”May I have some money?”  But after that, they say, “Obama is gonna crush these clowns.  It’s gonna be the biggest landslide since….”  And then their voices trail off, ’cause they don’t know any history.

Because history shows that many times, the joke candidate is the one who ends up winning.  And you don’t even have to go all the way back to that asshole Millard Fillmore to verify this.  Just think about the year 2000, when gas was 12¢ a gallon, and the Internet was powered by steam.  George W. Bush, the town drunk of Texas, decided he should try his hand at some presidentin’.  And oh, how we laughed!  Ha ha ha ha ha!  He was up against super-smart Al Gore, America’s one-man genius bar.  It was IQ versus barbecue.  But as we know, Bush won, twice, and Al Gore is now running a TV station that you only get if you order the “Just Give Me Every Damn Channel in the World” package.


Maher Distinguishes between his Bush Insults And Conservative 'Disrespect' Towards Obama ]

Or, take back in 1968, the idea of Ronald Reagan as President was so ridiculous, it was a running gag on Laugh-In.  Right along with the one they did about an Asian basketball player.


Yes, Obama could lose.  And in fact, in the swing states, which are the only states that matter, he is losing in this week’s Gallup poll, to both Romney and Santorum.  59% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track, and that’s before they gave away the Best Picture award to some silent French movie where nothing blows up!

I often talk about how conservatives are in a bubble, but liberals have their bubble too.  And inside it, Obama is a shoe-in, because the Republicans are just so ridiculously out of touch.  Well, they may be out of touch with you, but believe me, they’re in touch with your brother-in-law in rural Pennsylvania.

Full transcript below the fold.

(And no, at the time I transcribed this, nobody had put up a good embeddable video of his New Rule yet.  Maybe by the time you’re reading this, someone will have, but I’ll either still be asleep or at the UCLA-Washington basketball game at the Sports Arena.)

For reals, check out this video clip of Laugh-In from 1969.  And check out the audience’s mocking laughter when he mentions “President Ronald Reagan”.

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