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The Results of President Obama’s Defeat – Dr. Spudman 44′s Ripples of Hope Creations

The Results of President Obama’s Defeat – Dr. Spudman 44′s Ripples of Hope Creations > Political Opinion > Political Views > DLU Articles > Democratic Liberal Umbrella

>by Dr. Spudman44| featured in The Pragmatic Pundit|  [Wow, it seems that this author knows something that we don't, has the inside scoop on the outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election and/or is it just hopeful/wishful thinking on their part?  What do you think? I think to each his/her own opinions and everyone has them and is entitled to their opinions’! We'll let the voters decide on this! However, we all have a lot of work to do - people! Gbismarc!]

The opinions have been voiced thousands of times in blogs, television soundbites, and newspaper editorials concerning the performance of President Barack Obama.  Today, I present a scenario of the implications of his defeat in the form of a list. Some are opinions; others are based on facts. 

The Racists will declare victory—It will go like this.  In the future, some other young leader with Black, Native or Latino blood will emerge on the political scene.  He or she will immediately be met with the statement:  “Sounds like another Obama.”  (This was done after Jimmy Carter).  President Obama’s defeat will be a severe blow to any future  minority candidates which is why racists are so opposed to him. Many, many people do not like the fact that people of color will be the majority in a few decades.

The Tea Party Movement will be vindicated as valid—You can imagine it, can’t you? The Tea Party fraud will become a “movement” when all it has ever been is a collection of confused people, mostly racists, who are being provoked by fear.  President’s Obama defeat will be advertised as a Tea Party movement victory. The media, especially television,  will repeat this over and over until it becomes fact.

The Rich will continue their take-over of the entire world with no opposition-It is my opinion that the Rich are sitting on billions and billions of dollars so the economy will remain bad and ensure President Obama’s defeat.  Then, they can complete the take-over of most of the rest of the world’s wealth without any opposition.

The Next Supreme Court Justices will be named by a Republican-The modern Supreme Court is already a travesty and would only get worse if one or two other Republican nominees were in power for life.

The War on Women will accelerate-Planned Parenthood is on the run.  Woman’s rights in the workplace and the basic control of their bodies are already at risk as Republicans have assumed control of the state governments. Can you imagine if these same beliefs were put into action on the Federal level?President Obama

Unions Will Die or Be Eliminated-Reagan’s victories against unions have reduced their influence.  Much of the public is opposed to unions.  Currently, only 7.5% of workers are protected by a union.  The reason Republicans are always demonizing teachers is because the IEA is one of the last major unions.  If they can crack that one it will be a big plum.  The Republican campaign against teachers and teacher unions has been supremely successful-heck many leftists now hate our schools.  I remember Bill Maher going on a rant on his television show about teacher unions and he is supposed to be a liberal voice.

Global Climate Change Will Accelerate as the United States does nothing-With the defeat of President Obama the oil and coal companies will be back in total control.  Nothing will be done about climate change.  Expect the average fuel requirement levels to be returned to earlier times as we continue on with our pollution of the entire world. Crank up that Hummer.

The Republicans Will Stack the Federal Courts-Here is a hidden item that few are aware of or is even mentioned.  The Republicans refused to approve of any of President Obama’s nominees to the Federal benches.  They are waiting to fill them with Liberty University graduates when they get back the presidency. Looking for remedies to injustice or reversing rulings on bad laws?  Forget about winning any suits at the Federal level.

Prisons for Profits Will Become the Norm for Every state-The trend for this dismal, immoral form of capitalism will accelerate from the 3 billion dollar industry it is to become a monster.  Forget any immigrant law reform or drug reform.  Got to keep those beds filled and the profits gushing.

The Neo-Cons Will Be Back in Power-This group must be laughing in the backrooms all over America as they watch the Left crumble before their eyes.  They had to assume that after the Bush debacle they would have to wait a few years to get their dream of an elite class ruling the country to become a reality.  Watch out when they next take control.  A war with Iran is a given.  They use the religious right, racism, and the war machine as cover to their overall objectives. The results of  underestimating this group, with Fox News their mouthpiece, is terrifying to contemplate.

The Republicans Will Be  Totally In Control-With a Low Turnout Among Democrats it Could Be a Tsunami Political Nightmare November 2012.

Unless things change dramatically and the progressives get going, then I think it will be President Romney and Vice-President Perry winning 318 electoral votes to 220.  The House number will remain close to what they are now 242-Republican to 193 Democrats.  Redistricting by the Republicans will prevent any huge change.

Governorships will be 30- Republicans-22 Democrats and Chaffe in Rhode Island, an Independent.  The Senate makeup could be from bad to horrible.  Twenty-three Senate seats are at risk on the Democratic side, Bernie Sander’s independent seat is up, and nine Republicans seats are open.  All nine Republican seats are safe.  This means we will have to hold all the 23 seats to hang onto the Senate. This is improbable if not impossible.  I think we might hold fifteen and lose eight which could be a good night.  A bad night?  It could go this way fairly easily.  We hold ten and lose thirteen.  Either way, we are going to lose the Senate.  The Republican majority will be somewhere between 55 to the unthinkable 60.  Probably 57-43. The Supreme Court could switch to a 6-4 or 7-3 conservative advantage.  Federal Courts will be dominated by Republicans who already control 10 of the 13.

Immigrants Will Be Scapegoated More and More–and jailed in for- profit prisons.

Science Will Be Attacked–climate change studies?  Stem cell research?  Space travel? Kiss it all goodbye.  Evolution taught along side Intelligent Design? Embrace it and get ready for a Creation Park near you.

Religious Groups Will Demand Things-How about making atheists register in some national bank?  It has already been proposed.  How about provoking the End of Times with a war with Iran?  Banning Abortion will be a given.  The Robertson 711 show 24/7.  Better learn your ten commandments by heart. Let the nuts take over and watch what will happen. Listening to an old Cat Stevens album could become a capital offense.

Health Care Will Be Repealed—back to preexisting conditions, unreasonable deductibles and thousands dying needlessly. Buy a good set of crutches so you can hobble down to the emergency room and save on the ambulance charge.

Progressive Opinions and Priorities Will Be Completely Ignored—Think things are bad for progressive causes now?

When the Economy Improves the Public Will Reward the Republicans–The Rich will release the cash, the economy will grow and the public will cheer not recognizing or accepting the grand con that was played on them. We will all be fighting for greeter jobs at the Wal-Mart.

All Social Programs Will Be Cut, Privatized or Eliminated—Programs for the disabled or the  mentally ill will be slashed even more and calls will be for charities and churches to take over the services.

Volunteer Mormon Mabel to Sylvester, who is working on the challenges of living with schizophrenia.
Mabel–”Maybe you could tell your voices to say nice things to you. Or pray harder.”
Sylvester: “Stay away from me!”
Mabel:  “Oh, you silly boy.  Here have another piece of pie.”

More of the Mental Ill Will be Imprisoned—The crime of locking up mentally ill people in prisons when they could be treated and recover will become more common.  Already, a half-million or more are there. At least, they’re not an eyesore on the streets anymore, huh?

The National Parks and National Forests Will Be Sold or Run by Corporations—Don’t think this could happen?  You city folk have little idea about how much money can be made on the millions of acres that have been set aside for public use in the West.  Visualize a McDonald’s golden arch above the Grand Canyon.  They sold a wonderful state park here in Eastern Washington to a private party five miles from here already.

Internet Access Will Be Restricted—Then What? –Can you imagine getting a buffer circle every time you tried to get on a liberal site?  Oh, that could never happen!  Okay, whatever.

I presented the scenarios. I now present a strategy to prevent them. The Left, the liberals, the moderates, the progressives, those who want radical change quickly, all must be heard.  A set of facts should be agreed to and a set of goals negotiated.  There needs to be detente, a cease-fire put in place, the knives sheathed until President Obama is reelected. The petty bickering must stop and the negative blogs put to rest. Then the war of priorities and dominance and change can be engaged.  Put the pressure on the man and all representatives.  March on Washington, protest in the streets, demand movement toward liberal goals.  The Democratic Party needs to create a structure like the Republicans have and get away from the tendency to look for a Messiah who will be pure, righteous at all times and effective. 2012 is shaping up to be a major crisis.

Quit Eating DREAMOS-

There is not going to be a primary.  Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are not going to start a new progressive party.  Losing this election in 2012 will not send a positive message and cause progressives to get more power in some future year or decade.  It will be a loss and a colossal set-back. If you will not accept that then you are eating too many Dreamos.  This is not a game.  We are going to get our asses kicked if we don’t stop all this horseshit and start working on the Senate races in ways we have never considered before.

Calling President Obama supporters–”dumb motherfuckers” is not going to cause them to suddenly look up and have an epiphany and say–”Wow, she’s right.  I am a dumb motherfucker.  I had better shape up and fly right.”  Nor is calling critics of President Obama “retarded” or “firebaggers” going to get those to change their view of the man.  Fuck, get real.  None of this bluster or banter changes anyone’s mind about anything.  In fact, the war of words causes a closing of minds and hardens opinions.  Write President Obama directly and share your concerns.  Write to your elected representatives and do it often.

To The Two Camps-

President Obama has not done everything right.  He has made errors.  He has been too moderate in many ways and too quick to compromise with those who do not deserve such respect.  He has earned the criticism he is getting in many ways.  However, to deny the hundreds of accomplishments of President Obama and the Democrats is unreasonable and dishonest.  You can’t lump all of his victories together and call them “crumbs.”  Both sides have some of the truth and both sides are full of shit too.

Are You Suggesting that We Vote for the Lesser of the Evils?

Why, yes, I am.  You are starting to get it.  Look if one thing is supremely evil with zero redeeming qualities like a Rick Perry presidency then a lesser evil to some—reelecting President Obama– is just that-a much lesser evil, if you have to call it that.  Lesser means less evil.  That is reality.  Sometimes, being pragmatic is frustrating.

If we lose in 2012, and all the signs point that way, then what do progressives and liberals then do?  Seriously, what happens to all the less fortunate who count on us to protect and help them?

How come some dumb fucking hick from Idaho can figure some of this stuff out yet our progressive YouTube stars and blogging pros can’t or won’t?  We are in serious trouble and where are the leaders?  Not just the political leaders but the blogging stars and such.  How come they show so little concern? It is also probable, if not obvious, that this site has been infiltrated with Republicans who are fanning the fires.

It is going to take a miracle to keep the Senate in Democratic hands. If we let President Obama go down because of internal bickering then we will be left with Republicans controlling the entire Justice system, both parts of Congress and the Presidency.  How can anyone call themselves a progressive or liberal and not fight with all they have to prevent it?  Call me a fear monger if you must and it makes your position of denial somehow valid.  But first, where am I wrong?  Look at the Senate races and tell me that we are going to hold it.  I hope so, but not with current strategies. 

Last, if you are anywhere close to qualifying for Social Security benefits before 2012 take them!  Do not wait. 


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