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Moral Crisis in America

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[error]Republicans Exposed[/error]

>by Robert L. Gallimore on Thursday, May 03, 2012

It’s important that the American People know the truth and get the facts about the Republican Party. And for the past 40+ year they’ve call themselves the “High Values” {the accepted principles or standards of a person or a group}, with “High Standard” {the level of quality or excellence attained by somebody or something} – the Moral {relating to issues of right and wrong and to how individual people should behave} Party!

From the excerpt definitions, tell me, is this what you see coming from the Republican Party of late – Hell No! What we see is the “Do Nothing”, the “Party of No” and the “Obstructionist Party! And they continue to hold America and the American people – hostage. The blame for what’s wrong with American is placed squarely upon the shoulders of the Republican Party, on those Tea Party Congressional candidates voted into office during the 2010 midterm elections and all of those mainstream Tea Party members; the fundamental, American problem. The Republican legislators have done everything in their power to undermine, weaken and discredit America’s duly elected 44th President – Barack Obama! They want only to reoccupy the White House, a place where they immediately turned our former President Clinton’s budget surplus into a deficit {President G.W. Bush}; leaving President Obama to deal with the high unemployment, the debt crisis and the recession they left behind. As a result, it’s important that the American people know about our fundamental problems, get the truth and not that watered down commentary crap, conservatives get from Fox News aka GOP TV News!

 “From day one of Obama’s inauguration, Right Wing leaders met behind closed door and in that meeting began their attack on Obama’s administration and the American people. Conservative leader like Rush Limbaugh chimed in saying, “I hope Obama Fails.” Multimillionaire Limbaugh never considered that if Obama failed, America failed. It’s because from his prospective the blame would be placed on Barack Obama’s back!”

“GOP leader Mitch Sen. McConnell sang the same tune in saying, “Our top goal is to make Obama a single -1-term President.” If you read between the lines, Mitch was say that this goal is at all costs and the hell with the American people! Sen. McConnell never wanted to work with Obama; opposed everything Obama and now the American people are witnessing the fruits of his anti-Obama and anti-American agenda.  And let’s not forget “Mr. Hell No” – John Boehner – Speaker of the House. As Speaker of the House he’s a disgrace. Republicans don’t like him. Tea Bag Extreme Right doesn’t like him. And Democrats are longing for the day when we had Nancy Pelosi, a strong leader, someone with true convictions as speaker.”

The American People need to be reminded about who is really at fault for all the problems, hardships and downturns that “We the People” as Americans have faced and endured the past 40+ years stems from Republicans in the White House! So let’s exposes the Republicans with some articles revisited:

And this view from the Right-wing, their perspective on the Moral Crisis:

Gbismarc Democratic Liberal Umbrella will give you the bitter and the sweet! This list is expanding, so if you have articles that apply to this subject; please let me know – Thanks! …Enjoy! I’m ready for a game of Chess – Gbismarc!

[important]Republicans are causing a moral crisis in America[/important]

>By ,| March 27, 2012 |

There is moral crisis afoot! So say the Republican candidates for president, their pals in Congress and in state houses. Abortion, gay marriage, contraception — contraception, for Pete’s sake — things that so shock the conscience that it’s a wonder The Washington Post can even print the words!Here’s something I bet you wouldn’t think I’d say: They’re right. There is a moral crisis in the United States. The only thing is — they’re wrong about what it is and who is causing it. 

The real crisis of public morality in the United States doesn’t lie in the private decisions Americans make in their lives or their bedrooms; it lies at the heart of an ideology — and a set of policies — that the right-wing has used to batter and browbeat their fellow Americans.They dress these policies up sometimes, give them catchy titles like Rep. Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity.” But they never cease to imbue them with the kind of moral decisions that ought to make anyone furious. Ryan’s latest budget really is case in point . It’s a plan that says that increases in defense spending are so essential, that massive tax cuts for the wealthy are so necessary, that we must pay for them by ripping a hole in the social safety net. The poor need Medicaid to pay for medicine and treatment for their families? We care, we really do, but the wealthy need tax cuts more. Food stamps the only thing standing between your children and starvation? Listen, we feel your pain. We get it. But we’ve got more important things to spend money on. Like a new yacht for that guy who only has one yacht.It’s hard to point to a single priority of the Republican Party these days that isn’t steeped in moral failing while being dressed up in moral righteousness. This week, for example, they are hoping the Supreme Court will be persuaded by radical (and ridiculous) constitutional arguments to throw out some or all of the Affordable Care Act . Toles

Sure, you could argue that it’s really nice to make sure 31 million people who didn’t have health care can get it. Sure you could make the case that lifetime limits are a bad thing, that women shouldn’t have to pay more for health insurance just because they’re women, that the United States shouldn’t be a country where you die because you lost your coverage when you lost your job. But then again, liberty. Let’s not forget liberty. Also, freedom.It is a very strange thing that the people who lecture most fervently about morality are those who are most willing to fight for policies that are so immoral. They watch Wall Street turn itself into the Las Vegas strip, take the economy down and destroy people’s lives and livelihoods. To that they say, “By God we need less regulation. Get me the hose, I have things to water down!” They see a CEO of a bank or a corporation, someone who passed off all of the risk and took on all of the reward, and they say, “Get that man a bigger bonus! In fact, get him two!”
They see corporate interests flood the political system with unfathomably large sums of money , they see lobbyists defining the terms of debate, and they say, “Now this . . . this is what democracy should look like.”They see an environmental crisis spinning out of control, the effects of climate change being felt already, the possibility of the biggest natural disaster in modern human history. To which they ask, “Anyone know if we can drill this hole any deeper?”So yes, Rick Santorum. Yes, Mitt Romney. Yes, Paul Ryan and Republican politicians all over this nation. You are right, as right as you’ve ever been. There is a moral crisis in this country. A horrifyingly, back-breaking, bankrupt-the-core-of-this-nation style crisis. But it isn’t women or the poor or the middle class or the gay community or health-care advocates or environmentalists that are causing it.It’s you.

[notice]Morality crisis is in the boardrooms, not bedrooms[/notice]

>by Robert Reich , © 2012 Robert Reich | March 25, 2012 |

Republicans have morality upside down. They’re condemning same-sex marriage, abortion, access to contraception and the wall separating church and state.

But the moral crisis in America isn’t a breakdown in private morality. It’s a breakdown in public morality. What Americans do in their bedrooms is their own business. What corporate executives and Wall Street financiers do in boardrooms and executive suites affects all of us.

We’re living through a new Gilded Age of financial fraud and conflicts of interest; exorbitant pay to executives, traders and hedge-fund and private-equity managers; tax loopholes that allow them to pay a lower rate than many middle-class Americans; and legalized bribery of public officials through unlimited campaign “donations.”

Greg Smith, the former Goldman Sachs vice president who created a furor with a stinging public rebuke of the firm for putting its own profits before the interests of its clients, would have seen the same practices anywhere on the Street.

The problem isn’t excessive greed. If you took the greed out of Wall Street, all you’d have left is pavement. The problem is endemic abuse of power and trust.

Political scientist James Q. Wilson, who died a few weeks ago, noted that a broken window left unattended signals that no one cares if windows are broken. It becomes an ongoing invitation to throw more stones at more windows, ultimately undermining the moral standards of the entire community.

The windows Wall Street broke in the years leading up to the crash of 2008 remain broken. Despite financial fraud on a scale not seen in this country for more than 80 years, not a single executive of a major Wall Street bank has been charged with a crime.

The new Dodd-Frank law that was supposed to stop Wall Street from a repeat performance is now so riddled with loopholes, courtesy of the Street’s lobbyists, that it’s almost a sham. Wall Street prevented the Glass-Steagall Act from being resurrected and successfully fought against limits on the size of the largest banks.

And now money is flowing more freely than ever from giant corporations and Wall Street banks into the coffers of candidates for public office. The Supreme Court’s shameful decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission opened the floodgates.

Americans are entitled to their own religious views about same-sex marriage, contraception, abortion and God. A society where one set of religious views is imposed on a large number of citizens who disagree with them is not a democracy. It’s a theocracy.

But abuses of public trust such as we’ve witnessed on the Street and in the executive suites of our largest corporations are not matters of private morality. They’re violations of public morality. They undermine the integrity of our economy and democracy. They’re leading millions of Americans to conclude that the game is rigged.

Regressive Republicans have no problem hurling the epithets “shameful,” “disgraceful” and “contemptible” at private moral decisions they disagree with. Rush Limbaugh calls a young woman a “slut” just for standing up for her beliefs about private morality.

Republicans have staked out the moral low ground. It’s time for the rest of us to stake out the moral high ground and demand an end to the abuses of economic power and privilege that characterize this new Gilded Age.

Glass-Steagall should be resurrected. The biggest banks should be broken up. Taxes should be raised on exorbitant incomes. We need a constitutional amendment to overturn the travesty of Citizens United.

Twice before, reformers have saved capitalism from its own excesses by appealing to public morality and common sense. First in the early 1900s, when the captains of American industry monopolized the economy into giant trusts, American politics sank into a swamp of patronage and corruption, and many factory jobs were unsafe – requiring long hours of work at meager pay and often exploiting children. In response, we enacted antitrust laws, civil service reforms and labor protections.

And then again in the 1930s, after the stock market collapsed and a large portion of the American workforce was unemployed, we regulated banks and insured deposits, cleaned up the stock market and provided social insurance to the destitute.

It’s time once again to save capitalism from its own excesses – and to base a new era of reform on public morality and common sense.

Robert Reich, former U.S. secretary of labor, is professor of public policy at UC Berkeley and the author of “Aftershock: The Next Economy and America’s Future.” He blogs at www.robertreich.org . To comment, go to www.sfgate.com/ chronicle/submissions/#1.

[notice] The Elephant-Caused Moral Crisis [/notice]

>by Patricia DeWit | Anything goes |

Grand Old What? Well, you know, corporations are people, too — get vaccinated against measles, ride bikes, give birth, send their kids to school . . . like real humans. Not.

Today’s Washington Post carries a terrifically awesome piece by the fabulously monikered Katrina vanden Heuvel, entitled “Republicans are causing a moral crisis in America”.

Please click this link and take a look. It’s that good.

We’re all getting a little tired of the GOP, that bastion of cloth coats and smarmy pseudo-religious types, as they advise the rest of us how we ought to think, and what we ought to be up in arms about. It’s been particularly hard to hear that drivel from the mouth of a serial philanderer; from a man who would like to enter the bedroom of every woman in the US, to make sure she’s following his rules; and from someone who changes position with each puff of . . . wind, of course it’s wind.

The moral problem, as vanden Heuvel points out, is not with us. It’s with them, the guys running on the poorest slate the Republican Party has fielded in the last hundred years.

“It’s hard to point to a single priority of the Republican Party these days that isn’t steeped in moral failing while being dressed up in moral righteousness”, vanden Heuvel writes. So true. Look at the cafeteria Catholicism of Santorum. Big on moral outrage over abortion, but once the baby’s born, there’s no compassion there.

He and his fellow pachyderms are all about tax cuts for the very rich. They’re all about war, and invasions, because those provide excuses for defense spending. They’re absolutely for less regulation of, say, banking, when anyone with even the tiniest bit of vision can see that the economic mess we’re in is due to lack of regulation.

But you want contraception? Gay marriage? The stability of a nation that has a healthcare system, rather than a marketplace? Money for decent schools and roads? Fuggeddaboutit.

If they could, these guys would take America back to pre-World War I. Call it 1912, two years before the archduke’s assassination. Pre-income tax, pre-civil rights law, pre-women’s votes. A time when many black men didn’t feel they could vote, because someone white would make sure they hobbled home . . . if they lived. A time before divorce became no-fault (though spouse-on-spouse murders were rampant – one reason for liberalizing divorce laws), a time when abortion wasn’t safe even if you had money . . . because it was pre-antibiotics time, too.

Don’t know about you, but I don’t want the US to roll back a century of history and hard-won victories for people who don’t necessarily fit the profile of the first American voters (white, male, over 21, and owners of property – in other words, like the GOP slate).

I’d like the US to move ahead, to become better than it is. There’s always room for self-improvement, right?

Who was that man who said something about not paying attention to the speck in the other person’s eye, but get rid of the log in your own eye? He was onto something.

To the GOP: Your own moral failings are blinding you. You’ve got to clear your vision.

Or not. If you go down, few will mourn. We’ll be too busy, building a nation where moral choices are made visible.

[notice]Demoralization in America: The Separation of Means & Ends[/notice]

>by | April 5, 2012 |

Saul Alinsky The country is in moral crisis. The great majority of citizens appear to be aware of the dire situation, even if they do not recognize it in such terms. They may feel powerless to change the cultural decay or that they have no recourse but to pray for the fate of the country. But a fundamental understanding of the ideological and political sources of our nation’s demoralization would do much to empower a counter-movement dedicated to preserving American values and defeating their opponents.

A radical minority desires social breakdown as an opportunity to promote its leftward political agenda. It is hard for most Americans to contemplate why a sizable number of their fellow citizens would seek to purposefully throw the country into tumult. Many commonly give the left too much credit for noble intentions, such as aiding the poor, protecting the helpless, and defending supposed victims. There may be many people who vote Democrat who have such admirable aims, but they do not have a deep enough appreciation for the moral means of advancing these worthy goals.

One of the best ways to understand radical leftists is to know what they know and to read whom they admire. Two main sources that are easily readable are Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals , and just as tellingly, Reveille for Radicals . Both were influential in molding the thinking of the left’s top leadership; namely, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Alinsky took leftist activists to task for respecting moral means to attain moral ends, such as assisting the poor and helpless. But even more dangerously, Alinsky taught that power is an end in itself.

The separation of moral means and ends has been devastating for American life. Agitation, demoralization, and deception have all become legitimate means in the opinion of the left to promote the radical agenda. If that propels the nation into crisis, so be it. As Hillary Clinton put it in regards to the chimera of climate change, “Never waste a good crisis.” Rahm Emanuel, the former chief of staff for Obama and current Mayor of Chicago, once said , “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” It is not a stretch to argue that such people desire a crisis to advance the leftist agenda, which in the minds of our present radicals requires statist means.

Continued at Conservative Daily News .


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