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Right-wing Claims – If Obama’s Re-elected

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“Take-Up Arms” rhetoric talk “Can It!”

>Posted by Robert L. Gallimore|DLU| May 11, 2012 | [Go to: Newsletter Calls For 'Armed Revolution', Watch NRA Conspiracy video]

OK, what’s the problem coming from the Right-wing and what’s with all of these groups calling for “Armed Revolution”, these Ted Neuget types and these “Scare the Left-wing from Voting Tactics!” What’s -up with that? Are you really that scared because a Black Man sits as President of this country – maybe re-elected a second term?  Are you really searching for some idiots like (John Hinckley, Jr.) and racist hate groups like the “KKK” to take up arms against the left and the President; if he’s re-elected! Really!

Do you Right-wing types really want another “Civil War of 1861” in America – today? Is that your goal? Perhaps your ancestor fought in the “Civil War”, is that nostalgic for you to have your country go to war because of similar circumstances? Does the thought of home grown, domestic terrorist[ism] excite you that much that you feel compelled to do?  I think you should “Can It” as they say, put a lid on this rhetoric talk! We’ve been there and done that! This is 2012; we don’t settle differences by resorting to gun battles in these modern streets of America. That’s so old school!

Civil War Articles

The Civil War United States of America

Is this what the Right-wing is calling for, secession from the union, brothers [and nowadays sister] killing brothers and sister, hang the [nearest] Black-man, African-American that you see because he happens to be black? Again my friends, if Obama get’s re-elected and it’s a great possibility, you need to deal with it!  These are questions that one must ask and answer and if the answers are overwhelmingly – Yes! You hate that possible reality of Obama’s re-election that much and you want to take-up arm than my friends, you need some serious help – seek professional counseling – now! Obama getting re-elected is not that serious that you may be jailed, shot at, wounded in the streets and/or may be dead – over! And resorting to violent behavior in the streets of America is not the answer you seek! Shit happens and then you go on with life! Seek to change your life because you are headed in the wrong direction – literally!

GbismarcDemocratic Liberal Umbrella will give you the bitter and the sweet! This list is expanding, so if you have articles that apply to this subject; please let me know – Thanks! …Enjoy! I’m ready for a game of Chess – Gbismarc!

Greene County, Virginia GOP Group’s Newsletter Calls For ‘Armed Revolution’ If Obama Is Reelected

>Huff Post Politics News | Posted: 05/08/2012 8:41 pm |

A monthly newsletter published by the Greene County Republican Committee in Virginia is raising eyebrows for including a column in its March edition that calls for an “armed revolution” if President Barack Obama is elected to a second term in November.

Among articles denouncing a University of Virginia initiative to implement a living wage for employees of the institution, questioning if Obama is “America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President?” and an op-ed slamming the GOP establishment with generous use of capital letters, RightWingWatch picks out a column from the newsletter’s editor, Ponch McPhee.

In it, McPhee urges readers to encourage other conservatives to vote in November. He goes on to warn that the consequences of not defeating Obama, a so-called “ideologue unlike anything world history has ever witnessed or recognized,” would be dire.

“[W]e shall not have any coarse [sic] but armed revolution should we fail with the power of the vote in November,” McPhee writes. “This Republic cannot survive for 4 more years underneath this political socialist ideologue.”

A disclaimer at the bottom of the publication apparently attempts to account for this type of rhetoric, noting that the contributors do “not reflect the opinion of the Republican Party whole or in part” and are only representative of the “individual” — in this case, the editor himself.

According to the newsletter, McPhee also hosts a public radio show that airs every Saturday morning at 5:30 a.m on Charlottesville’s WTJU.

]Read the entire newsletter below:


Rand Paul & Nat’l Assoc. For Gun Rights Point Gun at Obama’s Head in New Email Campaign 

>by Steven D | Thu May 10, 2012 at 05:58 PM PDT |

And I mean pointing a gun at President Obama’s head as part of an campaign claiming without any evidence whatsoever that Obama plans to ban One Million Guns.  No lie.  Here’s the image and the letter:

Stochastic terrorism anyone?

The National Association for Gun Rights, based out of Virginia, is alleging (with no factual support other than their fevered imagination) that President Obama plans to ban millions of guns.  And this isn’t the first time they pulled this kind of stunt in an effort to raise donations:

NAGR’s website also features a second image of a gun pointing at Obama’s head, this time next to an image of Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. Sen. Paul was attached to that campaign as well — which sought to raise funds off fear over the United Nations’ small arms treaty — but unlike its smaller promotional image, the group’s main banner for that fundraiser did not feature the president’s face.President Obama has not advocated for any form of national gun ban, and has actually signed several measures that enhance the rights of gun owners.

Aides to Sen. Paul and NAGR did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The same conspiracy promoted by the head of the NRA, Wayne La Pierre:


These people are deadly serious about ratcheting up the fear among uniformed and bigoted individuals against the first African American President in our nations history.  Two motives are possible: greed for more money for their pissant organization and the hope that some “lone wolf” might succeed in assassinating our President or killing and/or intimidating other Democrats, and associated liberal organization.  I believe that both are in play.

And we all know what happened in 2008 through the present day when this sort of incitement was ramped up by the right.  James David Adkisson, anyone?  A plot to murder and kill people in the San Francisco ACLU.  A white supremacist bomb plot narrowly avoided in Portland before the MLK march.  The murder of three Pittsburgh police officers by a disturbed man convinced the government intended to confiscate his guns.  Firebombings and vandalism of local Democratic campaign offices.  A plot to assassinate Obama at the 2008 Democratic convention in Denver.  A Republican editor of a county Republican newsletter advocating a coup d’etat. The murder of Dr. George  Tiller gunned down at his church by an individual who was encouraged to act in part by Bill O’Reilly’s frequent references to the doctor as “Tiller the Baby Killer.”  Sharon Angle, Republican candidate for Senate in Nevada.  The list of cases inciting violence, violent actions or plans to commit violence by right wing nutcases is long, could go on and on.  These are just off the top of my head.

I’m sorry if I’m violating community standards, but these are one notch below the tactics employed by the Nazis and by the Rwanda government and its Hate radio broadcasts.

And no my conservative friends, the left and Democrats don’t do this sort of thing when it comes to Republicans, etc.  You are the purveyors of hatred and division in this country.  You are the people calling for armed violence against our duly elected  government and its officials.  You are the ones egging on disturbed individuals to kill or other wise commit terrorist acts against people who are liberals, minorities, and Democrats.

You are too blame.  Each and everyone of you who have voted for or support the people who have endorsed these vile attacks and conspiracy theories and incitement for taking up arms against our government.


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