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Mitt Romney: Republicans Problem, let’s not make him our problem!

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[important]Romney and the conservative battle![/important]

>by Robert L. Gallimore |DLU| Posted May 19, 2012 | [ Go to the article below ]

Personal Liberty News Digest (below) is a conservative news digest and this article is written to push Ron Paul as a third candidate; calling him the lesser of two evils. Yeah right? So, there is obviously some infighting going on between the Tea, GOP and Libertarians – the conservative party! I love how they through these terms around like they know what the hell they’re talking about! Neoconservatives! Why not try and keep it simple for the brain-dead conservative base – plain and simple that’s my Motto!

You get a better sense of what you’re dealing with when you read several of the comments like: John Laperuta says:

Ron Paul has zero chance and all he’ll do is take crucial votes away..I know this is lousy that everybody is stone set on 2 parties Rep and Dems and we need a strong 3rd party candidate..but they

Ron Paul

Ron Paul

need to be strong from the start and connect with the people in a way that the Rep and Dems who are in bed with each other will be unable to diminish them and cast them off as insignificant. Unfortunately Ron Paul has not done that and most people look at him as some other version of Ross Perot.

…[Obviously not a Ron Paul supporter...Take crucial votes away! John may have a point there...sounds like a push for Americans Elect!]

A third party needs to rise up with the people..it needs to shake the political apple tree of it’s apples.I won’t vote for Paul because he stands no chance..and Romney right now is the lesser of the evils..we don’t stand a chance if this imposter commie wanna-be dictator gets in again this entire govt. needs to be placed under arrest for treason. Where is the FBI and CIA?Who is looking out for this nations laws and Constitution? We’re being run into the ground and weakened more and more everyday.

…[Imposter commie wanna-be dictator; taking the statement as John calling Obama an imposter...I love this part above, the Treason comment! Really! Are you kidding me John? Every member of the Republican Party should be arrested for this so called treason - for plotting against Obama on day one, for the "No Tax Pledge" to Grover Norquist the El Facto Leader of the Republican Party etc., I can go on! Think about that!]

…[Wow! Really John? John this nation, nation is a term use by the indigenous population of this country -- Indian Nation -- our ancestors took this country from them –John! John could be a member of the Tea Party, they tend to bring-up the Constitution and place it into every conversation! This last statement is a good one... We are being run into the ground! Also, getting the sense that, John must watch Fox News because he’s shy on the facts! Bush ran this country into the ground and Obama is pulling us out of the ground in spite of the GOP’s help!]

Ron Paul is not a viable candidate, he’s never been that and there is a hidden secret — he’s in bed with the undesirable elements of this country — for years! You might ask: What is that? Remember it’s a secret! But, I’ll give you a hint – the same three letters of the alphabet. The problem with youth [Millennial], they are out of touch with reality, they haven’t lived long enough to get the true sense of what’s real, they do not understanding the true value of the dollar and they want to follow this old man like he’s god; taking his jargon or nonsense – as fact, at face value. It could possibly be an age difference because Ron has been on this early a long time! They need to research this man’s past thoroughly and in doing so; you will find he’s hidden agenda for this country! Ron Paul is evil – plain and simple! Search within the DLU websites and you should find some history on Ron Paul!

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[notice] Romney’s Big Government Military Budget[/notice]

Romney’s Big Government Military Budget

Mitt Romney wants to grow the military deficit.

Neoconservatives love big government.

If you are among the Americans who have continually said things like “We need to unite to back Romney” or “I’m not voting for Romney, I’m voting against Obama” throughout the Republican Presidential primaries, you are simply saying “I love big government.”

Throughout his campaign, Romney has claimed that his platform is based upon less spending, smaller deficits and a renewed fiscal responsibility that would slow the United States’ inevitable economic collapse. But Romney’s budget proposal greatly grows the size of government in the name of “safety.”

Romney’s plan for defense spending includes adding in excess of $2 trillion to the U.S. deficit over the next decade, according to an analysis conducted by CNNMoney’s Travis Sharp. The plan would allow for the Pentagon to spend $4 for every $100 the American economy produces.

Romney’s plan to grow the military budget is likely indicative of his plan for a continuation of the world policing and war-happy foreign policies of both the Administrations of George Bush and Barack Obama.

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