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[important]DLU SuperPAC[/important]

>by Robert L. Gallimore | DLU | May 26, 2012 |

[Posted on the Democratic Liberal Umbrella Facebook page May 24, 2012|

So, I guess Re-electing President Obama is a BAD Idea this November by your response - of Zero! We will lose this fight to keep the Presidency at this rate...It may be too late for the DLU ( PAC ), superPAC to impact the presidency because we have less than six months and you need to be registered with the FEC before then. However, you have Congressional Democratic Lawmakers that need help! The DLU needs $1000.00 to start this process for the SSF or Nonconnected [Committees] – the Statement of Organization need to be filed within 10 days after raising or spending in excess of $1,000.00 dollars in connection with federal elections. This could be the purpose for the DLU ! [A]ny thoughts on this? Feed back is greatly appreciated! If you like the ideal and moving forward…Give now because we are six months into this [year’s] elections season and we need to get this on file!! Help the DLU make a goal of $1000.00 dollars by the end of May! We can do this to re-elect the President and Turn Make It Blue Congress – Blue! Follow the link below: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/dluturncongressblue?refcode=thermometer ]

Day in and day out, more and more you’re hearing about Karl Rove’s superPAC, ALEC , and the 1% of deep-pocket, conservatives personalities; trying to buy the election of 2012! You are hearing about how the Republicans are holding America and Americans hostage because of one man sitting in the highest office in America – the Presidency! You think back and wonder where this country, this nation would be by now if the conservative party, the GOP was truly working with the governing party to move this country –forward! You think back on the terms like this “Nation” a term used by the indigenous population that had there nation stolen [took] from them because they didn’t look like the settlers that came to this country – our ancestors! Stolen [to appropriate from] and/or stealing seem to be the thing to do for the 1% of conservative Americans!

If you remember back to the tragedy of 911, where were you then, what were you doing? I remember sitting in a conference room watching this tragic events take place, watching the planes zeroing into the Twin Towers and the first thing that came to my mind — “All of those people, our lives have changed – forever!”

Life changing events are taking place –right now! Back room deals are in play to the steal the election of 2012 because the person running this country, his middle name doesn’t sound American and the color of his skin doesn’t match their skin color! They never thought that Barack Hussein Obama was electable because of that very fact! However, it happens and on that same day of his inauguration, these, deep pocket conservatives conspired to over turn that – “life changing event” – for them. The first thing you see and hear coming from the senior United States Senator from Kentucky and the Minority Leader is that the GOP’s main goal is to get Obama out of office. But, what you don’t hear is – any means necessary and we don’t care how it will affects America and Americans! If we have to hold America and the American population – hostage – than so be it! This – Life changing event – was implied!

Can you imagine where this country would be if the GOP where truly working with the governing party to move this country – forward? Can you imagine not reading, hearing and talking about the “Party of No” [If you look this up, it points to the Republican Party], “The Do Nothing Congress” [The 80th Congress was nicknamed the "Do Nothing Congress" by President Harry Truman . The Congress opposed many of the bills passed during the Franklin Roosevelt administration. They also opposed most of Truman's Fair Deal bills. Yet they passed many pro-business bills.], the Republicans of late hold that title, and can you imagine not talking about the “Obstructionist Party?” The answer to that is Yes – we can imagine where this country would be if they, the GOP worked in bipartisanship manner with the governing Democratic Party. This country would be on a roll with minimal life changing event for most Americans.

Another life changing event for some and maybe most of us took place back before 911 when Bush II stole the election of 2000 from Al Gore. He served as the 45th Vice President of the United States (1993–2001), under President Bill Clinton . He was the Democratic Party’s nominee for President and won the popular vote in the 2000 U.S. presidential election . For days on end, we sat in front of the TV screen, watching Court TV news play out life changing event(s) in favor for Bush II. Then in 2004 this event took place again! Remember him John Kerry, he was the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party in the 2004 presidential election , but lost to then President George W. Bush . Battleground states where stolen from John Kerry mysteriously in favor for the Republican Party – Bush II wins again!

Fast forward to the election of 2010, life changing events take place in branches of Congress and into Governorships positions through-out the country — in walk 87+ extreme GOP types — into those positions with the agenda to cause major – life changing events! OK, I can go on, but I’m getting long winded and you get the idea that we can’t [cannot] allow this to happen – again!

Therefore, we are proposing that the DLU form a SuperPAC of mainstream American donors on the Democratic side to help combat the Karl Roves individual types in this country! As stated, we may not be able to help in the Presidency due to FEC time constraints, but there are many Democratic Congressional Leaders that need our help to move this country in the right direction and we don’t mean Right-wing direction! Fast forwarding back to the open paragraph, the posting on Facebook, we can and will lose this fight if we allow the life changing event[ors] like deep pocket conservatives [ K och Brothers], K arl Rove and the K lan – get it KKK steal this election like the past life changing events!

So, help by contributing $5.00/month for the next six months or whatever you can afford. If there are deep-pockets donors out there that would like to help…You are more than welcome too! DLU will need to get the initial $1000.00 dollars to get the ball rolling! Let’s add this up say 30,000 individual’s give $5.00 dollars for six months $900,000.00 dollars from mainstream, grassroots individuals! Do you get the picture? Major life changing events happening in the mantra of “What We Stand For” as Democrats and the Democratic Party!

Below is a list of inspiring articles written by Charles Riley @CNNMoney

[important] Join the DLU in the quest to Re-elect the President and Turn Congress – Blue![/important]

When Your President

When You’re President – Image from Democratic Strategist

We need people to come together and support the President in this election of 2012, the push to Turn Congress and this Country – Blue; strengthening our democracy. Your supports are vital to our success — take this opportunity and donate today. Thanks you!Democratic Liberal Umbrella – Organization of Mainstream Americans! Join the DLU!

Let’s Turn Congress and this Country – Blue! Let’s Be Liberals and Vote the Right-wing – Out!

Gbismarc! Democratic Liberal Umbrella will give you the bitter and the sweet! Join the cause – Your Support Helps!  …Enjoy! I’m ready for a game of Chess – Gbismarc!

Support President Obama and the Democratic Party! Thank you for your Contribution!

Help the DLU make a goal of $1000.00 dollars by the end of May! We can do this to re-elect the President and Turn Congress – Blue! Follow the link below: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/dluturncongressblue?refcode=thermometer

  [notice]Colbert spawns army of crazy super PACs[/notice]

>by Charles Riley @CNNMoney May 21, 2012: 5:55 AM ET |

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — In late March, Stephen Colbert expanded his super PAC experiment, admonishing his late-night viewers to start organizations of their own on college campuses across America.

They listened, and now the Federal Election Commission’s roster of approved super PACs is filled with groups registered to addresses in college towns.

Danny Ben-David, a freshman at MIT, was one of the first to get in on the craze, after winning approval for his Why Not ZoidPAC? in March.

“I was just sitting in my dorm room one night and said ‘oh hell, why not?’ It was almost frustratingly easy,” Ben-David said.

The physics major said the whole process took just a few hours, and that the trickiest part was opening a bank account to accept funds, an FEC requirement.

“It cost no more than a 44 cent stamp and 5 pieces of paper,” said Ben-David, who according to FEC documents is the president and grand poobah of the super PAC.

“Although I did call the FEC to make sure the question mark was okay,” he added.

As the president of ZoidPAC?, Ben-David now has the ability to accept unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals.

Stephen Colbert FEC Rule

Stephen Colbert after the FEC ruled he was eligible to create a super PAC.

And just like the professional political operatives who run most super PACs, he can spend unlimited sums to overtly advocate for or against political candidates.

He’s not the only college kid with this power.

For much of the past year, Colbert has been using his show on Comedy Central to poke fun at the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which eventually led to the creation of super PACs.

Colbert has a super PAC of his own called Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow. The comedian has solicited donations , spent money on campaign ads and illustrated just how easy it is for corporations to route money to super PACs while remaining anonymous.

To help nudge students down the road to super PAC ownership, Colbert sold 1,000 “do-it-yourself super PAC kits,” to viewers in recent months.

“The kits provide students everything young people need to form their own super PACs,” Colbert said in a press release. “Federal Election Commission paperwork, filing instructions, an allen wrench, and a small canned ham that resembles Karl Rove.”

One of those kits went to David Jensen, a 24-year old professional baseball player from California who was recently released by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“I don’t know why, but I said ‘I’m going to do this today,’ ” Jensen said. “I read the manual, and that took 5 minutes. Then I set up a bank account and I filed the thing.”

Jensen created Cats For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and already has a website and Twitter account set up. At last count, the website featured no fewer than 28 cat photos.

Jensen has a few unique ideas that he hopes will attract donors. One is to put a donor’s name on a baseball card with a cat-related pun.

“The top donors would be fat cats,” Jensen said. “And if you weren’t donating a lot of money, you would be a skinny cat. I’d have all these kinds of cats.”

In Durham, North Carolina, political science major Stefani Jones created a super PAC called Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Yesterday, with two classmates.

The trio used it as a class project for a Duke course that examines political gridlock. They got a C+. Jones said the low grade had something to do with incorrectly citing sources.

Still, the group came away from the project with a fully-functioning super PAC.

“We figured that if Stephen Colbert can do it, a group of college students can do it too,” Jones said.

Jones, who recently changed her official position at the super PAC from treasurer to Coordinator for Non-Coordination, said the super PAC will be setting up a lemonade stand at Duke to collect donations.

What will the money be used for? Supporting candidates who are interested in time travel research, of course.

Yet underneath all the jokes, there is an undercurrent of seriousness shared by the Colbert-inspired super PAC owners.

“I find it amazing that anyone can do this,” Ben-David said. “It’s ridiculous. The whole system is really rather sad and degrading to the political process.”

And Jones said she is concerned about the “insane amounts of money to flow into the political system.”

“We see all the political gridlock in Washington,” Jones said. “It’s easy to see how money contributes to the gridlock.”

[notice] Can 46 rich dudes buy an election?[/notice]

@CNNMoney March 26, 2012: 8:50 AM ET |

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Taking advantage of relaxed campaign finance laws, a cadre of deep-pocketed donors are spending gobs of money to bankroll super PACs, a phenomenon that is reshaping the modern election cycle. It is a select group. The top 100 individual super PAC donors make up just 3.7% of those who have contributed to

Rich Man burning money

Super PAC donors have money to burn.

the new money vehicles, but account for more than 80% of the total money raised, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics. And just the top 46 donors have given a total of $67 million, or two-thirds of the $112 million in individual gifts to super PACs this cycle. Membership in this select group requires a $500,000 minimum donation. So who are these folks? Donors who have given in excess of $500,000 are a rather homogenous group who represent narrow swaths of American industry. Titans of the financial services industry are well represented, as are energy executives and hoteliers. Almost all are men. Racial minorities are few and far between. So far, the vast majority of their contributions have been made to conservative groups.

“We’re looking at a singularly weird phenomenon,” said John Dunbar, the managing editor for politics at the Center for Public Integrity.

Dunbar argues that super PAC donors can be grouped into general categories based on which presidential hopeful they favor. The super PAC that backs former Bain Capital CEO Mitt Romney primarily attracts big donors from Wall Street — specifically private equity and hedge fund players.

Colbert super PAC rakes in $1 million

John Paulson, the hedge fund manager who generated returns of up to 600% by betting against mortgages in 2008, has donated $1 million to Romney-affiliated super PAC Restore Our Future. Executives from Tiger Management, Bain Capital, and a smattering of other firms have made sizable contributions as well.

“The financial sector is one where there’s a lot of money, and it’s a sector with which Romney is very familiar, so it’s not surprising that it would be a big source of contributions,” said Viveca Novak of the Center for Responsive Politics.

The donations to the pro-Romney super PAC top out around $1 million. Bigger individual donations have gone to the super PACs backing Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. Las Vegas Sands ( LVS , Fortune 500 ) CEO Sheldon Adelson and his family have spent more than $15 million to support the pro-Gingrich committee Winning Our Future. Adelson and his wife Miriam donated $5 million last month, or nearly 90% of the super PAC’s haul for February. With the Gingrich campaign struggling to raise funds, it is not a stretch to say that Adelson’s generosity has kept the former House speaker’s candidacy alive. Silicon Valley venture capitalist and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel has donated $2.6 million to the Ron Paul super PAC . That’s 70% of all money the group has raised. Rick Santorum has backers of his own.

“We’ve had a small group of donors maintain the viability of certain candidates,” said Paul S. Ryan, an attorney at Campaign Legal Center, which supports election law reforms. “It’s an Alice in Wonderland situation. It defies logic.”

Campaign 2012: Billionaires to the rescue

Critics argue that the eye-popping size of donations from individuals raise important questions about their motivations and the ability of the wealthy to influence candidates and the election.

“American elections are funded by a very narrow range of special interests, and that has the effect of making our democracy look a lot more like a plutocracy,” Ryan said.

The floodgates of unlimited spending were opened by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, which placed individuals and corporations on equal “free speech” footing when it comes to independent campaign spending. The high court’s decision allowed super PACs to raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals, then spend unlimited sums to overtly advocate for or against political candidates. Thomas Mann, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, said that it is difficult to discern the motivations of super-wealthy donors. Are they driven by ideology, economic interests, or some combination of the two? Harold Simmons, who played a central role in the development of leveraged buyouts and corporate takeovers, offered some insight into that question last week. Simmons has given $18 million to conservative super PACs this cycle, and has pledged millions more. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal , he displayed a deep unhappiness with President Obama, calling him a “socialist.” At the same time, Simmons’ current business interests would benefit greatly from less government regulation of certain industries, and he told the WSJ that if Republicans do well in November, “we can block that crap [regulations].”

“So which is it?” Mann asked. “He may be a good businessman, but if he can make a comment like that about Obama, I’d say his ideology overwhelms his self interest.”

To date, conservative super PACs have far outpaced fundraising efforts by Democrats. “The pool of billionaires who can throw tens of millions into the game — and are inclined to do so — is concentrated on the right,” Mann said.

Where the money is: A campaign spending primer

Democrats are trying to close the gap. In a sharp reversal, Obama’s reelection campaign has signaled they will begin using administration and campaign aides to fundraise for Priorities USA Action, a super PAC backing the president. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said the decision was a reaction to massive fundraising posted by super PACs supporting GOP presidential candidates. After registering anemic fundraising totals for months, the strategy seems to be working for Priorities USA Action, as the group brought in a $2 million donation from DreamWorks Animation ( DWA ) CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and $1 million from comedian Bill Maher. Analysts expect Democratic donations to pick up as the general election approaches and Republicans settle on a candidate. In the end, the most notable affect of super PACs might not be on the presidential race, but rather on Congressional elections. Mann and Dunbar both expressed worry about the use of super PAC money in House and Senate races, where relatively small amounts of money can have an outsized impact.

“An individual donor and a super PAC could go off to some district in Kentucky and just completely destroy some candidate because he doesn’t favor what’s good for your business,” Dunbar said.

[notice]Campaign 2012: Billionaires to the rescue[/notice]

>by Charles Riley @CNNMoney February 11, 2012: 2:02 PM ET|

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Are you a billionaire with a few million bucks to spare?

Campaign Finance

Gettin' money from their super PACs.

Assuming you’ve already got the customary roster of yachts, planes and vacation homes, you might want to try out the newest craze for super-wealthy Americans: Throw a few million dollars to a super PAC.

Boil down the stats and you come up with one big takeaway: A relatively small number of people are exerting tremendous influence over this election.

Already this election cycle, billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and his wife have given $10 million to a super PAC that supports former House speaker Newt Gingrich.

And Harold Simmons, who played a central role in the development of leveraged buyouts and corporate takeovers, has given $8.5 million to two super PACs, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

FEC filings reveal the Dallas billionaire gave $5 million to Karl Rove-backed American Crossroads , while a corporation he owns chipped in another $2 million.

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel gave $900,000 to Endorse Liberty, a super PAC that backs Ron Paul.

Even cash-strapped Rick Santorum , long something of an underdog, has his own super-rich backer: Foster Friess , who has donated at least $331,000 to the pro-Santorum Red, White and Blue Fund.

Friess’ donations accounted for more than a third of the donations collected by the super PAC as of Dec. 31.

Campaign finance the Stephen Colbert way

“Foster has been a long personal friend for 20 years,” Santorum told CNN this week. “We have spent a lot of time together … he’s someone, again, who is a friend and will continue to be a good friend.”

And if you don’t happen to have close personal friends with a ten-digit bank account?

“Now I know why my campaign didn’t work,” Tim Pawlenty quipped on Wednesday. “I didn’t have a billionaire.”

The donation patterns of billionaires underscore a bit of common sense: They are really, really rich.

Take Adelson, who is CEO of Las Vegas Sands ( LVS , Fortune 500 ), for instance. Recent estimates peg his net worth at around $20 billion. That means his $10 million donation was exactly one twentieth of one percent of his net worth. Yes, 0.05%.

That would be like a millionaire giving a $500 donation. Or a $50 gift for someone worth $100,000.

More than half of itemized super PAC money this cycle has come from just 37 people, according to a an analysis of disclosure reports conducted by PIRG and Demos, two research firms.

And gifts of $1 million or more — from just 15 donors — make up 38% of itemized, individual super PAC donations.

In sharp contrast to traditional campaign fundraising, which limits donations to candidates to $2,500 per person, most donations to super PACs are at least $10,000.

According to the PIRG analysis, 93% of all itemized contributions to super PACs were $10,000 or more. They came from just 726 individuals.

More money, more votes: The billion dollar campaign

So far, Republican PACs have the upper hand when it comes to attracting huge donations from the super-wealthy.

Priorities USA Action, a super PAC founded by two ex-White House aides, reported only $1.5 million cash on hand at the end of 2011.

A larger coalition of Democratic groups, including Priorities USA, reported raising a total of $19 million.

However, Democrats are looking to reverse that trend .

Obama’s re-election campaign is now encouraging donors to fundraise for a Democratic super PAC supporting the president. Administration and campaign officials will be used as surrogates at PAC events.

That’s a sharp reversal of policy for the White House, which had previously bemoaned the role of outside spending groups, particularly those that are not required to disclose its donors.

“This isn’t just a threat to Democrats,” Obama said in 2010. “This is a threat to our democracy.”

First Published: February 10, 2012: 5:50 AM ET

[notice]Colbert super PAC rakes in $1 million[/notice]

>by Charles Riley @CNNMoney January 31, 2012: 5:31 PM ET |

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Stephen Colbert’s super PAC is working with some serious cash.

Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow reported Tuesday that it has raised $1,023,121, according to a document filed with the Federal Election Commission.

An addendum to the disclosure contained language from Colbert that is not usually included in FEC reports.

“Yeah! How you like me now, F.E.C? I’m rolling seven digits deep! I got 99 problems but a

Stephen Colbert

Colbert on the campaign trail.

non-connected independent-expenditure only committee ain’t one!” Colbert said.

The primary disclosure form, which runs through Dec. 31, lists donations of $825,475, which means Colbert raised almost $200,000 in the month of January alone.

In a statement posted to the super PAC’s website, Colbert said the money had been raised “in full accordance with the law.”

“It’s the way our founding fathers would have wanted it, if they had founded corporations instead of just a country,” Colbert said.

Most donations to the super PAC were under $250, but disclosure forms list some interesting donors who chose to give more. (Campaign finance the Stephen Colbert way.)

A $500 donation from Gavin Newsom, the Lieutenant Governor of California, is listed.

“I applaud Stephen Colbert exposing the absurdity of our current political financing system. I’m proud to support Colbert’s message with a donation. And I like his haircut,” Newsom said in a statement.

Adding a touch of star power, an actor named Bradley Whitford gave $250. It could not be immediately confirmed that the West Wing star did in fact donate.

A Rolling Stones tribute band called the Sticky Fingers Band gave $400. The band bills itself as “the greatest rock and roll tribute band in the world” on its website.

Colbert has spent the better part of a year using his show on Comedy Central to take viewers on a tour of the opaque world of campaign finance law. (Where the money is: A campaign spending primer.)

Armed with the ability to accept unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals, Colbert’s super PAC has set about doing what other super PACs do: spending unlimited sums to overtly advocate for or against political candidates.

Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow ran ads in advance of the Iowa straw poll touting the candidacy of “Rick Parry.”

And while Colbert hit the campaign trail in South Carolina, the super PAC ran ads that referred to Mitt Romney as “Mitt the ripper.”

“If Mitt Romney really believes corporations are people,” the ad said, “then Mitt Romney is a serial killer.”

In one episode, Colbert enlists his lawyer, Trevor Potter, to create a tax-exempt 501(c)(4) so that he can obtain secret donations in a “completely transparent” way.

“Can I take this (c)(4) money and donate it to my super PAC?” Colbert asked after signing paperwork that registered the shell corporation in Delaware. “You can,” Potter said.

The camera then cuts to Colbert, whose face displayed a look of total shock. “Wait,” Colbert said. “What is the difference between that and money laundering?”

First Published: January 31, 2012: 11:11 AM ET

Goal Thermometer

[important]Support the President’s Re-election Campaign[/important]

We need people to come together and support the President in this election of 2012 and the push to turn Congress and this Country – Blue; strengthening our democracy. Your support is vital to our success — take this opportunity and donate today. Thanks you! Democratic Liberal Umbrella – Organization of Mainstream Americans! Join the DLU!

Visit the sites of the Democratic Liberal Umbrella on Face Book and beyond! Let’s Be Liberals and Vote the Right-wing – Out! Join the DLU in the quest to Re-elect the President and Turn Congress – Blue! Gbismarc!

OK people, I’m ready for a game of Chess!

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