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The Complete “List Of Lies” By Willard Mitt Romney

The Complete “List Of Lies” By Willard Mitt Romney > Political Opinion > Political Views > DLU Articles > Democratic Liberal Umbrella
>by Jueseppi B. | Posted on May 8, 2012 | theobamacrat.com | Just the Facts | [Wow! Gbismarc!]

[important]“List of Lies” by Willard Mitt Romney[/important]

Here, complied by Mr. Yosef 52 of The Daily Kos, are a list of Willard Mitt Romney‘s lies. YES, in one place, you will be able to see every current lie spoken by Willard Mitt Romney.

Lets get started:

“Following in the footsteps of Avenging Angel, who has done yeoman’s work in exposing the stinking pile of mendacious horse manure that is Mitt Romney, I have been working to gather all of Willard’s grotesque falsehoods into one central blog. I don’t carry advertising on it, and I have not “monetized” it in any way. It’s strictly a labor of love/hate. It can be found here. You see, I loathe and despise liars. I’m almost 60. I’ve been following politics since I was 12 (yes, a misspent youth).  I vividly remember such world-class prevaricators as Richard Nixon. But for the life of me, I have never seen a more brazen liar than Romney running for president in my entire life. By God, I won’t stand for it, not without a fight. Hey, I’m just one little person. But just as a few hundred Just the Factsthousand small fires can make a conflagration, a few hundred thousand dedicated truth-tellers can out Mitt Romney for the lying, unprincipled, morally bankrupt sociopath that he is. So, with this conviction in mind, here are Romney’s lies all exposed:

I simply have gathered Romney’s lies together, for the most part. (Sometimes I find news items myself and highlight them.) Steve Benen, Andrew Sullivan, a lot of you good folks here on DKos, the good folks at Balloon Juice, and many others have rooted them out.  I wanted to give you a ready resource for making these things go viral, as widely as possible.

“I hope this helps.”

Thank you Mr. Mr. Yosef 52 of The Daily Kos for your diligent work in arranging the lies of Willard Mitt Romney.

“BARACK” The Vote On “NO”vember 6th, Twenty Twelve. [? this who are we voting NO for, I would hope Romney and YES for Barack Obama! Gbismarc!]

Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth™

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