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Rewriting Joe Ricketts. Again.

Rewriting Joe Ricketts. Again. > Political Opinion > Political Views > DLU Articles > Democratic Liberal Umbrella

>by Lawrence O’Donnell | MSNBC’s | May 31,2012 | [Dinesh D’Souza another token for the extreme Right-wing and for billionaire Joe Ricketts hateful project to bring down President Obama from the highest office in America because Obama has caused, what I call a 'Life Changing Event' for the three K's in America! Gbismarc!]

After the New York Times uncovered a proposed plan to attack President Obama, conservative billionaire Joe Ricketts is now funding an anti-Obama film. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell explains in the Rewrite. Watch the video below:


Obama has a dream, a dream from his father that the sins of colonialism be set right and America be downsized.

That is crazy hateful billionaire Joe Ricketts’ latest dream, making a movie about president Obama’s dreams. You remember Joe Ricketts, he is the founder of TD Ameritrade, a company that is now fearing you will withdraw your money from any accounts there because of the Obama hatred spewed and paid for by the money Joe Ricketts made from TD Ameritrade. Joe Ricketts is also the patriarch of the family that owns the Chicago Cubs. No member of the Ricketts family would be involved with the Chicago Cubs were it not for the crazy billionaire’s money. To protect the Chicago Cubs, baseball business from the madness of the patriarch, Joe Ricketts ‘ son, has tried to distance the cubs from his father’s public hatred of president Obama. It was just two weeks ago that “the New York Times” exposed Joe

Obama America 2016

Obama's America 2016 - Dinesh D'Souza

Ricketts ‘ plan to use his super PAC for a TV ad campaign starring the reverend Jeremiah Wright as the man who controls the mind of President Obama; having been forced to publicly give up on that project, Joe Ricketts is now funding a movie that will insist on the basis of absolutely no evidence or — and, in fact, with actual proof to the contrary that president Obama’s mind is completely controlled from the grave by his father, Barack Obama Sr. who President Obama met once when he was 10 years old.

The public outrage that met Joe Ricketts ‘ plan to use Jeremiah Wright against President Obama seems to have exhausted those who were outraged because Ricketts ‘ new plan to use Barack Obama Sr. against Barack Obama has been met with something close to silence. The movie he is financing is based on a rage-filled book entitled “the roots of Obama’s rage” all of the rage in the book belongs to its author Dinesh D’Souza; even the conservative weekly standard said correctly that the book is full of “misstatements of fact, leaps in logic and pointlessly elaborate argue mutation.” and that’s from D’ Souza’s friend at “the weekly standard.” He writes “in Obama shares his father’s anti-colonial crusade that would explain why he wants people already paying close to 50% of their income in overall taxes to pay even more” that’s it.

That’s the book. But it does not explain why President Obama wants them to pay lower tax rates than they did under Presidents Reagan, Nixon and Eisenhower – all Republicans. We don’t know the exact day on which Dinesh D’Souza lost his mind or if he’s stark raving mad to collect the money from TD Ameritrade billionaire Joe Ricketts.

Joe Ricketts loves Dinesh. Ricketts says he is, quote, a proud support he of his scholarship, end quote. Ricketts is so batty that he believes what D’ Souza does is scholarship. His money scholarship is helped by a president of a college in Manhattan on fifth avenue between 33rd and 34th street, I know you’ve never seen it, I’ve walked by there and I’ve never seen it. And that’s because it’s somewhere inside the Empire State building. The college calls itself the King’s College, and describes itself as a Christian liberal arts college.

That is where D’ Souza is in effect stealing the tuition money of 360 students on whom he is foisting his utterly fraudulent scholarship. Dinesh D’Souza is now the Donald Trump of college presidents but crazy TD Ameritrade billionaire Joe Ricketts doesn’t know that. The only thing crazy TD Ameritrade billionaire Joe Ricketts cares about is making sure we don’t have an anti-colonial president. And the only thing the bloviating ignoramus of the King’s college Dinesh D’Souza has to do to keep the crazy billionaire’s money flowing is to make sure that the crazy TD Ameritrade billionaire never finds out about this guy.

[notice] Rewriting Joe Ricketts. Again.[/notice]


[notice] Obama’s America: 2016 | March 15, 2012 |[/notice]

Dinesh D’Souza

For the past year, I’ve been working on one of my biggest projects ever: a documentary film about Obama.

Produced by Gerald R. Molen, the producer of the Academy Award Winning Best Picture “Schindler’s List,” and based on my book  “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”, the film will appear this summer in theaters across the country. I first spoke about the film at CPAC in Washington D.C. in February. Already the  trailer and talk has over 1,000,000 views .

Take two minutes to watch the trailer. And after you watch it please email a link of the video to a friend.

This is a just a preview, but there will be many more details in the coming weeks and months about the film  2016: Obama’s America.

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