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DLU Symbol Follow the Read More links to The Democrats website to learn more! The Democratic Party stands for promoting Democracy! See all that We Stand for. So, tell me what does the GOP Republicans stand for? Good Ole Boys of the Grand Old Party promoting Greed, Obstruction and the Constitutional Republic! Think about that? Most information obtained from the Democrats! Gbismarc!

Posted June 07, 2012

African Americans

For decades, Democrats have stood with the [African-American] community in the struggle for equality and the enduring struggle to perfect our nation itself.

Common values and concerns such as family, jobs, and education unite Democrats everywhere. President Obama and Democrats in Congress and across the country continue to work tirelessly to advance the issues that matter most to African Americans, from civil rights to economic opportunity.

Every sector of our economy has been shaken by the economic crisis, and every demographic group felt its impact. But the economic crisis has had an especially brutal impact on minority communities—communities that were already struggling long before the financial crisis hit.

Democrats are laying a new foundation for long-term economic growth that helps more than just a privileged few. We are working to save jobs, create new jobs and new opportunities for small businesses, reinvest in our schools, make college more affordable, and expand opportunities for [African-Americans] and for all Americans.

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Americans with Disabilities

Democrats value the positive contributions of everyone—parents, children, workers, and entrepreneurs—and among us, there are 54 million people in the United States with disabilities. Since the Democratic-led passage of the historic Americans with Disabilities Act ( ADA ), many disabled Americans are full participants of our communities. We have come a long way since the ADA ’s enactment, but there is still more we can do.

The ADA was an important milestone in America’s history. It codified our universal belief that all members of society have the right to make a life for themselves and to add to their communities.

Democrats continue to improve upon this foundation and increase funding to improve parity. We are committed to improving the quality of care for Americans with disabilities, including health care services like Medicare and Medicaid—and also greater enforcement of the Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision, so those with disabilities have easier access to services that tend to personal needs without compromising quality of care.

The Obama Administration has made significant investments in vocational rehabilitation services to help with job training, education, and placement and increased funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Democrats continue to work to ensure the civil rights of Americans with disabilities are protected and that educational programs, such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, are well-funded to provide ample resources for all beneficiaries to succeed.

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American Jewish Community

We are the oldest democratic political party in the world and the American Jewish Community’s connection to the party stretches back to its very first days under the leadership of Thomas Jefferson. Since the 1920’s the Democratic party has been the natural home of the American Jewish Community.

For generations, the Democratic Party has been the natural home of the American Jewish Community—a bond that continues to this day under the leadership of Jewish American DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and President Barack Obama. President Obama shares our priorities and has implemented policies that resonate with Jewish values, rooted in our unwavering commitment to tikkun olam—repairing the world. His administration has forged an unprecedented security relationship between the state of Israel and the United States that reflects our nation’s ironclad commitment to Israel’s safety and strength. The President’s domestic policies on a range of issues—from economic security to the separation of church and state to a woman’s right to choose—are supported by a large majority of Jewish Americans and stand in sharp contrast to the policies of his critics.

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Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders

AAPIThe enduring relationship between Democrats and the Asian American and Pacific Islander ( AAPI ) community results from a long history of shared values and respect for community and individual opportunity. AAPI Americans are among the fastest-growing demographic groups in the country, with more than 13 million citizens nationwide. Democrats are united with the AAPI community to improve our schools, spur job creation and economic growth, and ensure that everyone can participate equally in our society.

During his campaign for president, many Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders recognized Barack Obama’s uniquely personal understanding of issues important to the AAPI community. Born in Hawaii, the President also spent time growing up in Indonesia—experiences that contributed to his deep-rooted Democratic values of pluralism, hard work, family, spirituality, education, and security.

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Democrats Abroad

Democrats Abroad is the overseas branch of the U.S. Democratic Party. We are Americans living in more than 160 countries around the globe: informed of critical issues at home and abroad, inspired to build a better world through our own active participation, and involved at every level of the political process.

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Ethnic Americans

Reflecting the diverse fabric of our country, the Democratic Party is comprised of many individuals, families, and communities that have at their core the story of American immigration. President Obama is working tirelessly to provide meaningful leadership on the wide range of issues that are important to all Americans. The DNC ’s Office of Ethnic Outreach works together with the DNC ’s Ethnic Council to engage voters in every state by advancing the President’s message on these issues in households and communities across the country.

The Office of Ethnic Outreach works closely with state parties and elected officials to reach a broad spectrum of Americans. We are currently facilitating meaningful conversations about issues ranging from the American Jobs Act to immigration among many others in states across the country. Email marootianj@dnc.org for more information on how you can join the conversation.

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Faith Community

The Democratic Party brings together people of many different faiths, tied together through shared values and a deep-seated commitment to tolerance, charity, and the well-being of others. Between efforts to combat AIDS in Africa to homelessness in our neighborhoods, faith can be a powerful bond that compels us to serve our community and unite around a common purpose.

Democrats stand for an open and respectful dialogue about faith in society, embracing people of all faiths. Because many religion-specific values translate into universal values shared across the political spectrum, we believe that an open and earnest discussion about faith can contribute to society in many ways, and can lead to greater tolerance and acceptance—virtues truly befitting America’s promise.

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We face enormous challenges as a nation, many of which are felt even more acutely in Latino communities. Our Hispanic Caucus - College Democratsability to solve any of the problems we face as a country—from health care to education, from economic recovery to immigration reform—depends on our willingness to recognize that the destiny of all Americans is shared.

The story of Hispanics is part of the larger story of America—a story that starts before our country’s founding and threads through periods of swelling immigration—fulfilling its promise through opportunity, hard work, and self-determination. Just as they have in previous elections, Latinos played a key role in the election in 2008, turning out in record numbers and helping to organize and spread the word about the shared priorities of Democrats and the Latino community.

For these reasons, Latino leaders have worked side by side with Democrats and the Obama Administration on issues that affect us all—expanding access to health care, making college more affordable, improving schools, creating jobs and opportunities in underserved areas, and much more. Democrats will continue to work with the Latino community to make the appropriate investments and improve outcomes in these areas—investments that will lift up all Americans and move our country forward.

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LGBT Community

Democrats stand with the LGBT community in the fight to ensure that all Americans benefit from the civil rights that each of us deserves—because the fight for equality affects us all. Since President Obama took office, we have made tremendous progress: strengthening hate-crimes legislation named for Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. and aggressively supporting and initiating the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” among many others.

Stand up for Marriage Equality

President Obama is also the first American president to stand up in support of same-sex marriage. These milestones are significant and historic, but our work is far from complete.

Experience tells us that progress is incremental—just as President Obama said, “step by step, law by law, mind by changing mind.” We will continue to fight with the LGBT community as members, friends, family, and allies, with the hope that one day each of us will be seen as equal under the law.

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Native Americans

Democrats are proud to have members of the Native American community as active members of our party. We are working with American Indians and Alaska Natives to expand the roles they play in the state and national party organizations, and we fully support Native American participation in the electoral process, not just as voters but also as candidates. We are working to promote Indian Country economic growth, improve educational opportunities, ensure clean water, and cultivate tribal energy. Most important, Democrats are committed to the Native American community by taking care of those who need a helping hand and giving a voice to those who have not had representation.

Democrats stand for the issues important to American Indians. Tribal governments know what it means to meet the needs of underserved citizens and to provide care and services to those less fortunate.

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Rural Americans

Throughout our country’s history, Democrats have been a strong and united voice for rural Americans, recognizing the important bond between our nation’s heritage and its future. From the Rural Electrification Act to the Recovery Act, Democrats have worked to foster economic development, increase scientific and energy innovation, and connect rural communities by closing the digital divide. As we work to get our economy back on track, Democrats continue to fight on behalf of family farmers, small businesses, and all rural families to ensure a bright and successful future for rural America.

Rural AmericansDemocrats understand that our country is not divided between urban and rural populations and that the priorities of rural communities are no different than their urban counterparts. That’s why we are committed to ensuring economic opportunity for family farmers, supporting rural economic development, and promoting rural America’s leadership in developing renewable energy—all with the goal of improving rural quality of life and economic competitiveness.

Democrats believe that farm programs should be designed to provide family farms with stability and consistency, protecting farmers from weather disasters and market disruptions and making sure that commodity payments are issued only to those farmers who need it most. We support programs that encourage [micro-entrepreneur] assistance, rural cooperative development grants, value-added producer grants, grants to minority producers, and cooperative research agreements.

We understand the importance of closing the digital divide, empowering rural Americans with the modern technology needed to improve business and educational opportunities. We must continue to invest in rural teachers and then reward those individuals appropriately and provide them with the resources needed to enhance student achievement.

Educational opportunities in rural areas must extend to higher education as well. Community colleges often serve as fixtures in rural areas, and Democrats will continue working to equip our next generation with the skills and education for future success by increasing access and affordability to institutions of higher learning.

Rural farmers have been an integral force in the development of renewable fuel sources. These efforts reflect a national goal to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil with domestic energy sources, supported by Democratic efforts to provide additional loans and grants to further this development.

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Seniors & Retirees

For decades, Democrats have been the party fighting for seniors and retirees. Democratic presidents created both Medicare and Social Security, two cornerstones of American society that not only grant seniors financial and medical security but also the peace of mind to enjoy their golden years to the fullest.

Democrats believe that a dignified retirement is central to the American Dream and that Medicare and Social Security are the foundation of realizing that dream. In recent years, Democrats have beaten back Republican plans to privatize Social Security—plans that would have exposed the retirement funds of millions of American seniors to great risk on the eve of the financial crisis. Instead, no one lost a penny of Social Security.

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Small Business Community

SBC Network of PeopleDemocrats know that small businesses are the engines that drive our economy. From family-owned restaurants to high-tech start-ups, entrepreneurs and small-business owners are crucial elements of our communities and our economy. They “represent the essence of the American spirit.” Despite recent Republican obstructionism, Democrats have continued to champion issues important to small businesses and have worked to expand access to resources that will enable greater success.

Historically, small businesses have generated two-thirds of all new American jobs. They represent an enormous boon to our economy, and their success is critical to America’s economic recovery. That’s why Democrats have fought to remove barriers that stand in the way of small businesses—helping more small businesses to get off the ground, expand, and hire new workers.

Government cannot ensure a business’s success, but it can foster the conditions that support hiring of new workers by providing tax relief and increasing the availability of Small Business Administration (SBA) resources. President Obama has cut taxes for small businesses no fewer than eight times, and at President Obama’s direction the SBA has already administered more than 70,000 loans for businesses, providing those businesses with the capital they need to invest and grow.

Under the Recovery Act, businesses that hire previously unemployed workers can receive tax cuts, and they also can write off the purchase of new equipment. In addition, many small businesses are eligible under the historic Affordable Care Act for tax credits to offset the costs of insuring employees.

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Union Members & Families

National Labor BoardFor decades, Democrats have stood alongside labor unions in defense of fair pay and economic security. Union members have been a key part of the Democratic Party, organizing for elections and on issues such as health reform, minimum wage, retirement security, and greater accountability in the public and private sectors.

The rights and benefits working Americans enjoy today were not easily gained; they had to be won. It took generations of courageous men and women at all levels of government and society—all committed to fighting for decent working conditions and fair pay, some even willing to risk their lives to secure victory and make those rights and benefits a reality.

Much of what we now take for granted—the 40-hour work week, the minimum wage, health insurance, paid leave, pensions, Social Security and Medicare—were made possible by the hard work and dedicated struggle of America’s labor movement. It was labor unions that led the fight to improve working conditions and labor standards. In doing so, we have helped to build the largest middle class in history and demonstrated that we are stronger together than as individuals.

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Veterans & Military Families

Our commitment to America’s veterans is equal to the full measure of devotion that our veterans committed to us. President Obama and congressional Democrats respect that allegiance and have worked to provide additional resources to the Veterans Administration (VA). We also will continue to work to make certain that coordination between the VA and the Department of Defense creates a smooth transition from active duty to civilian life—ensuring a modernized and efficient delivery of health care and pension benefits.



Our veterans have earned the best health care and benefits America has to offer, and President Obama has entrusted VA Secretary Shinseki to make sure that happens. The President and Democrats in Congress want to improve care for polytrauma, vision impairment, prosthetics, spinal cord injury, aging, and women’s health.

We also will work to ensure that veterans who suffered post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of their service have access to the appropriate resources and the opportunity to recover. Because timely treatment often is critical to healing, Democrats support a swift passage of military and veterans appropriations legislation so that care is not delayed.

Far too many veterans are homeless and without access to benefits. President Obama has taken steps with the VA to work with the Department of Housing and Urban Development to fund a program, the Veterans Homelessness Prevention Demonstration Program, designed to “provide housing assistance and supportive services to veterans who might otherwise be living in homeless shelters or on the streets.” The Obama Administration also supports working with nonprofit organizations to initiate pilot programs to protect veterans who risk losing their homes.

In 1944, Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt enacted the historic G.I. Bill, initiating Democrats’ longstanding commitment to providing America’s veterans access to higher education and the promise of success as a civilian—a commitment that remains strong today. We continue to ensure the G.I. Bill has the appropriate resources to meet its goals, which also includes the full implementation of the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill—which guarantees that all post-9/11 veterans have an opportunity to earn a college education.

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(l-r) Women's Leadership Panelists Mary Parker, Tamika Goins and Emily Sanders.

The Democratic Party and women share common values and priorities, including supporting our families, protecting our country, and advancing the issues that matter most to women of all ages and ethnicities. President Obama and our elected Democratic leaders in Congress and across the country continue to work tirelessly to advance progress for women in every respect. That’s why women vote Democratic.

A crucial part of the Democratic Party, the Women’s Leadership Forum ( WLF) was founded in 1993 and aims to raise money as a tool to support the President’s agenda and engage women in our democracy. It also aims to provide more information about local Democratic activities as well as opportunities to hear from and interact with party leaders.

The WLF is engaged in a wide array of political activities, providing its members with substantive information, discussion, and action. This includes an annual issues conference, regional events that share/present policy initiatives, opportunities to raise political awareness and cultivate new members, an opportunity to participate in conference calls with policy and political leaders, and much more.

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Young People & Students

Students and young Americans have long played an important role in the Democratic Party—perhaps never more so than in Barack Obama’s historic campaign. While young people and students represent our next generation of leaders, they realize that we can’t wait to tackle America’s foremost challenges. Just as we learned in 2008, students know that if we work hard enough, and if we fight long enough, we can finally bring change to Washington and to our country. People Youth Logo

Over the past 18 months, students and young people have embodied the spirit of that movement for change—from their work on health reform to student loan reform and more.

The Democratic National Committee’s Youth Coordinating Council—commonly known as the Youth Council—was made an official council of the Democratic National Committee in December 2005, with a goal of increasing involvement of young people in the Democratic Party.

Every year since its creation, the Youth Council has become more and more active and has helped maintain high participation rates and foster greater political involvement. Young people have had new opportunities to become more active with local and national Democrats, and help shape our party across the country for decades to come.

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