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Conspiracy Theories:

>by Robert L. Gallimore |DLU| June 15, 2012 | [See the article below on: America's First Black President] |

Get Democrats to fight among themselves [pit Democrat against Democrat, Labor against Labor] by confusing them and disputing their policies at every opportunity – get them to cross the line to get things moving in a negative manner and direction everything at the black guy to make him seem incompetent to run this country – this is the beginning of the Conspiracy Theory of Conservative(ism)! As Congressional Republicans Lawmakers, refuses everything for now on, every policy and procedure, obstruction the process, filibuster; use the Conservative majority Supreme Court – if necessary!

There is also this Conspiracy Theory perpetuated by Republicans that Obama has a Liberal problems to confuse, manipulate and divide the Democratic Party because of comments made within the Party. This is a tactic employed, talked and handed-down from Congressional Republicans to rank and file Tea Party member of the John Birch Society and the Heritage Foundation. See more below. [I] and see: Spotlight – Obama’s Liberal Problem?

On Barack Obama’s inauguration day, high Conservative Mucky Mucks, with Republicans Lawmakers held  backroom meetings to conspire to overturn Barack Obama’s first term as President of the USA. This meeting consisted of, without a doubt, members of the 20 most dangerous Conservative leaders[II], members of GOP legislative branches of high level lawmakers and rank and file conservatives! They were all meeting to get rid of the newly elected black Lawmaker from Illinois for President and now sworn into the office as President of the United States of America – the black guy with a Muslim sounding middle name.

From the lower level, they instructed John McManus of The John Birch Society to advocate the dismantling of public education, voter suppression and unions. Conservatives are told to speak on racist rhetoric about black people and other Minorities who receive welfare have “no soul”, that Obamacare is reparations, and that Obama is non-American. Do these factors sound familiar to you? This is what is taught at Tea Public Relation conventions and they’re to appear non-racist – yeah right – while trolling social networks! They talk about Global warming as a fraud, and they want to project that climate control or science is a form of socialism.  Does any of this sound remotely familiar: read about what is taught at Tea party Conventions given by the John Birch Society!

Read about the Tea Party Nuts & Bolts on how to start a Patriot Group, Tom Zawistowski, president of the Portage Country Tea Party in Ohio. They use RoboCalls (automatic telephone messages) These were necessary, he claimed, because the “hostile” media would not help Tea Party groups advertise. He claims that Tea Party isn’t a branch of the Republican Party and that they endorse Democratic at uphold the Constitution – again yeah right! This is a good one. He also denounced the portrayal of the movement as racist, stating that “we do not hate Obama because he is black; we hate him because he is a socialist, fascist, and not American.” If you believe that than you’re an idiot!

The John Birch Society [I] and The Heritage Foundation advocate:  Anti-Environmentalism, Dismantle Public Education, Union Bashing 101, Voter Suppression, Tea Party Economics, and Radicalizing Health Care Reform as “Reparations.” In addition topics below on:

States’ Rights and Tea Party Treason:

Young is a founding member of the People’s Constitutional Coalition of Ohio (PCCOH), an anti-immigrant, Islamophobic outfit promoting states’ rights rebellion to Tea Party crowds. (He and PCCOH events coordinator Jim Flaugher had spoken at a “state sovereignty” event in Alabama organized by the Patriot Action Network the previous June.)

The necessity of following a strict interpretation of the Constitution was emphasized throughout. Young repeatedly contended that abortion, immigration, and healthcare reform would be eliminated if we adhered to the Constitution.

Racism as Minority Outreach:

“A poorly-attended session led by Brenda Mack and Steve Cheeks, members of the Ohio Black Republican Association, began with a brief history of African-American officeholders in Ohio. They argued that the Republican Party had a superior record of nominating African-American candidates in the state. They both emphasized that the Republican Party speaks to issues important to African-Americans, such as community safety, school choice, opposition to gay marriage and abortion, and support for the Constitution. Most African-Americans do not vote Republican, they said, because Republican candidates do not reach out to them.”

“The remainder of the session was dedicated to deriding welfare, which Mack termed “modern-day slavery.” She blamed a poor work ethnic in African-American communities on a reliance on welfare, and stated that many people are “living great lives on welfare.” Moreover, she accused the Democratic Party of using welfare as a form of electoral ransom, securing African-American votes by keeping them intentionally impoverished. To these statements, the audience responded with applause, a few attendees even standing to applaud. Indeed, one audience member stated that African-Americans who receive welfare “have no soul,”a remark lauded by all in attendance.” I know this must sound like something you’ve heard from resent campaign stumps!

To the Tea Partiers who attended this conference, it was a chance to meet with and learn from people with similar views, and feel empowered by their common sense of right and wrong. It also provided bales of information on a wide variety of issues that they will use in their local organizing. For non-Tea Party advocates of social and economic justice, this report provides a chance to see “behind the lines” at the way Tea Partiers are preparing to thwart any justice agenda, and perhaps make their own plans accordingly. Direct statements from the article:

The John Birch Society and Tea Party Patriots: Inside the Ohio “We the People Convention”

>by  : Friday, September 16, 2011 12:45| [I]

Tea Party 101! Must read article!

To my Liberal, Progressive friends, don’t be swayed by what you hear and read coming from the unpaid backers of the Conservative Republicans Party in these social networks, we stand firm on the principles of What We Stand For As Democrats and as the 99%!

Now, we’re hearing about Austerity measures in the US, remember that Republicans [GOP] will do or say anything to confuse the real issue and direct the outrage to the black guy…they call that reflecting and don’t fall for it! Gbismarc!

Translating Conservative-ism:

Mark Twain once said: “It is easier to fool people then to convince them that they had been fooled. “
So progressives don’t be fooled. Indeed, the biggest problem with the left is that they actually believe the content of what conservatives say. I thought I might be helpful to the left for me to translate the conservative statement to English.
So let’s call this Translating [Conservatives’]:

  •  When a conservative says “The president is not born in this country,” he really means “The guy is black and we cannot have a black president,” who is American.
  • When a conservative says “Obama is coming for your gun rights” what he really means is “Even though there is no evidence to support this and the guy signed a bill to allow people to carry guns in parks, he is black and so you cannot trust him. He really wants to suppress white people. Besides if he doesn’t, it got you fools to spend tons of money buying ammunition.”
  • When the conservative says “Come on don’t you feel something is wrong here” what he really means is that “I hope I can capitalize on your feelings of uneasiness and general paranoia that all people have to get you to believe my crap that has absolutely no basis in reality.”
  • When a conservative says “It is too much regulation that is killing businesses” they really mean “Life would be so much better if I can dump as much DDT near as many schools as possible.”
  • When a conservative says “Barack Obama has spent too much money” what he really means is that “Even though Federal Gov., spending has increased at the slowest pace compared to any of the last 8 presidents, I am hoping to convince you that jobs are not the problem but that the president is nigger rich and spending money like water. I want to play to your sense of tribalism.”
  • When conservatives say “The economy is getting worse” what they really mean is “We are angry because our conservative loser president trashed he economy and we have a loser candidate now, so in spite of all the data to the contrary we want to blame it on the black guy.”

My response to any of the above is “dude you need therapy” or “what was done to you to make you so out of touch with reality.”

Written by a member of the DLU Admin Team!


  1. The John Birch Society and Tea Party Patriots: Inside the Ohio “We the People Convention”
  2. Update:The Enemies Within: The 20 Most Dangerous Conservatives And Their Organizations

>by : Friday, September 16, 2011 12:45| [I]

Tea Party 101! Must read article!

The John Birch Society and Tea Party Patriots: Inside the Ohio “We the People Convention”

>by | November 17, 2011 || Re-Posts April 14, 2012 |DLU| [II]

Update:The Enemies Within: The 20 Most Dangerous Conservatives And Their Organizations 

America’s First Black President

>by Mercyalone | Hubpages | Re-post: June 10, 2012 |

Why is Barack Obama the most hated man in America? He’s what white [Conservative] America fears most, a well educated Black man, who is a scholar, thinker, visionary, and who has done what all thought he couldn’t possibly do. Turn this country around, after Bush’s 8 year disaster as President, and get our economy moving forward again.

But most of all, he has done something unprecedented, hit the super rich in the wallet’s by, by forcing them to reveal the millions of dollars in offshore bank accounts, and pay the taxes they have been avoiding all these years under Republican regulations. While hard working Americans are being hounded for delinquent taxes, homes sized, bank accounts frozen, businesses levied, vehicles seized. While the rich who have shyster accountants and lawyers skirt the law and find the loopholes that are now being revealed under the Obama Administration. And hitting the Oil Companies where it hurts too, with their billion dollars windfall profits, while average Americans can [barely] afford to fill their gas tanks to get to their jobs. where they are taxed to the max, and also further taxed on almost everything they buy.

Then there’s the GOP! Who are still in a state of disbelief, over the last election [2008]? They were so confident a black could never be elected in this country they pick the worst choice the Republicans had John McCain. And he was so cocky he chose an unknown, undereducated, obscure woman Sarah Palin, who had no idea what it was to be on such a stage as the Presidential Elections. Evidenced by her first interview on the news. And when they saw that the bottom was falling these two Presidential hopefuls, were at each [others'] throats, and blaming each other for their not winning.

Now they’re back together again, in what they call The Tea Party Movement, Clearly a GOP designed scheme to harass and discredit the President, and incite the idiots, who still blindly follow, their racist policies. I see this party as another militia group, who should be arrested like all groups of this sort, who plot against the federal Government. What makes [them] so different? Just because Sarah Palin, And John McCain are with them? And the Republicans Senators and Congressmen, in this country who so blatantly, proclaim their racist ways by honoring the confederate flag, and proposing a confederate history month? Well to be fair we do have a black history month! But these flags have no business in our Government Offices. It’s a racist symbol, to black Americans, and cause for concern, by those who lived through the turmoil of the 60′s.

Not since John Fitzgerald Kennedy, have I seen a President who is for country first, all else second. And the GOP hates it with a passion, and are doing everything they can to block all his efforts. They could care less about the economy and what average America is going through with the high unemployment, crime ridden streets, millions without health care, mass foreclosures, racial tension building all around the country with the Tea Party Antics.

But his worst foes are the Oil Companies, Wall Street, Major, Banks, The Millionaires and Billionaires, who are made to pay their share of taxes for a change. With such foes against him it will be an act of God himself if he gets the things done he knows need doing. And by the grace of God the economy is growing again, faster than expected, by all the nationals’ polls. Companies like Sears, now hiring 18,000 new employees, and Lowe’s who is hiring 15,000, and small businesses adding to their staffs. Like Barack Obama says American is an can do nation, despite, all [attempts] to keep Bushism alive and flourishing, we have started to [overcome] the (Good Old Boy ) attitude he grew up on and brought to Washington. This is a President who should have never been in office; only because he was George Bush’s son did he get elected. Now old George is wondering if Jeb Bush shouldn’t have a chance. Neither him or his idiot son were good Presidents, my business struggled under both Administrations, only under Clinton’s watched did my business boom, I was even able to hire three more employees.

But my greatest fear these days is that forces behind the scenes are plotting against him. I pray every night he doesn’t, face the same fate John Kennedy did, and leave his beautiful wife and [precious] daughters. His presence and charisma are beyond compare. His ability to think family first is what makes this man unique, what Presidential candidate in the history of this country, would take time out of his busy schedule campaigning, to take his little girl trick a treating? What a super dad! I look back over my life and all the things my daughters were into in school and how many of those events I missed because I was a workaholic, I feel as if I cheated them. But that’s water under the bridge, I’m there for them now and that’s [what] counts. I just pray his body guards are diligent and watchful at all times. Because if American has a chance of becoming a world leader again we need Barack Obama, the GOP allowed too many of our jobs to be shipped to other countries.

Being a former business owner for 25 years witnessed [firsthand] the decline in the quality of the auto parts industry. I saw this first hand back in 1984, while working for capital Chevrolet in Montgomery Alabama. General Motors in their infinite wisdom, shipped the building of the 2.8 liter V6 engines to Mexico, and being one of the largest dealerships in the south we got dozens, if not hundreds of vehicles with the water and oil [passage] bored wrong. And consumers were buying brand new vehicles, with water and coolant mixing destroying engines. I personally changed out dozens myself. And as a business owner I saw the quality of the aftermarket parts, go downhill. I was use to taking a new part out of the box installing it and be confident it was going to last my customer. Then I started getting comebacks, and in every instance it was an inferior, [sub quality] part. I began to notice the parts that lasted were the ones that were still made in the US, so I stopped [accepting] parts that were made in Mexico, Taiwan, Korea, China, because they were of poor quality, and workmanship. And what was worse watching the faces of my [technicians] when they had to perform a repair over without pay. It frustrated me too. And it continues more jobs lost more inferior parts and goods imported into our country. Just look at the labels at your favorite department store. We are all guilty of the down turn of our economy because we all buy these products because they are cheap, and with less money to spend because [Wall Street] and the rich are bleeding us dry we have no choice.

But what’s really scary, the number of well educated people in this country who back Sarah Palin, a backwoods, racist, who has done nothing but incite the racist [fascism's] in this country. But she has done one good thing, brought out the closet racist who had millions fooled. The Senators, Congressman, Governors, Mayors, Assemblymen; we now know who most of you are and we can start to work on getting your sorry racist butts out of our Government. And get some people in who realize America is a country made up of all races and cultures, just as when it was founded. The whites stole this country from the only real Americans the Indians, and to this day are still stealing wholesale, calling it eminent domain. The Indians should claim eminent and reclaim all that was stolen from them.

 Re-elect the President and Turn Congress – Blue! 

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Support President Obama and the Democratic Party! Make your contributions – Today!

We need people to come together and support the President in this election of 2012, the push to Make It Blue turn Congress and this Country – Blue; strengthening our democracy.Your supports are vital to our success — take this opportunity and donate today. In addition, the GOP is spending 1 billion dollars to remove Obama from the office of: POTUS! This group consisting of K och’s, K arl Rove and in the shadows the K han because Obama has caused a “Life Changing Event “- for them! Let’s make this event last four more years for the three K’s!

Thanks you! Democratic Liberal Umbrella – Organization of Mainstream Grassroots Americans! Join the DLU!

Let’s Be Liberals and Vote the Right-wing – Out!
Gbismarc! Democratic Liberal Umbrella will give you the bitter and the sweet! Join the cause Your Support Helps! …Enjoy! I’m ready for a game of Chess – Gbismarc!

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