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Spotlight – Obama’s Liberal Problem?

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[important]Obama’s Liberal Problem – Hum?[/important]

>by Robert L. Gallimore , | DLU | June 15, 2012 |

OK, my Liberal, Progressive friends:

I don’t care what your beef is with Obama and his Administration…Please put it to rest – Now! Part of the Republican Conspiracy Theory is to pit Democrat against Democrat, Labor against labor and it worked in Wisconsin! No way in hell should that have happen, we have the numbers and 87% of people know who they’re voting for before entering the polls! Big money negative ads should’ve made the people more determined to cast their vote(s) for Tom Barrett.

According to Van Jones: Liberals feel ‘crushed’ by Obama , I dispute that notion that an appearance by Obama in Wisconsin would have made all the difference and I agree that it would be counterproductive and if he had it would be about Obama when it should be about Tom Barrett.  Another point expressed by Van about the decapitation of our unions and that they ( GOP ) destroyed our unions. I dispute that claim too, the unions did it to themselves in standing down because Tom won the nomination for the Democratic Party instead of Kathleen Falk and I personally feel that the unions didn’t stand firm on principle with him and now they will pay for their decision!

We should stand firm on our principles, yeah I get that; and in addition we need to focus on the big picture and stand with each other to win this election in November – big! Get over your problems and move forward with the Party that’s heading in that direction – the Democratic Party!

As I have said before if we split our votes than we will lose…Let’s get real here! If we want the Republicans in the White House than go ahead and split the votes or stay at home and we’ll lose, vote Americans Elect, we’ll lose, and vote for Ron Paul and we will lose!

As a consolation, just remember that the Republican Conspiracy Theory is to make President Obama look bad in the eyes of the average Americans and their number one purpose; goal is to make Obama a single term President. The problem for them — it’s not looking that way – case in point Poll: Americans Believe GOP sabotaging economy to hurt Obama: “A new poll shows 49 percent of Americans say Republicans are intentionally stalling efforts to jumpstart the economy to ensure President Obama is not reelected. Conservatives Norm Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute and Thomas Mann of the Brookings Institution talk with Michael Eric Dyson on the Ed Show on June 12th!” They’ve identified where the true blame should be placed on the shoulders of the Republicans Party and if you don’t see this growing problem than your eyes are deliberately shut like the Republican eyes and actions to shutdown basic programs overwhelmingly approved by them in the past! Yeah you read it correctly, conservatives talking about Republicans, that the blame for this economy should placed on their backs!  See Video:

[notice] Americans Believe GOP sabotaging economy to hurt Obama: [/notice]

Obama is President to everyone and not just center to left, we all have our various wish list or to do list and problems list and I for one would rather have these problems than the problems that we’ll have with the Republicans and Right-wing Extremists, if they were in the White House …you choose!

Who are we? We are the Democratic Party, that who we are! You are playing into the hand of the Republican Party showing this divide! It’s a growing feeling that WI Democrats lost because of splitting votes and/or people didn’t vote because of Tom Barrett winning the nomination…and some unions have a beef with Tom as well, they would rather have Kathleen Falk as the nominee; so they didn’t fight for Tom! No registered Democrat should have voted for Scott Walker and 8% voted for him. Independents’ voted for him as well!  In the signature collecting period to recall Scott Walker, 30,000 volunteers’ got 507,000 signatures in less than a month and over 1 million signatures total, plus over one third of the people are registered Democrats in the state of Wisconsin. The Democrats that voted where 34% and of that percentage a total of 9% voted out of the Party: 8% voting for Walker and 1% voting for the Independent candidate! People do split votes for various reasons, however, in the Wisconsin race there should’ve been no split votes – voting should’ve been straight down party lines! See: Wisconsin Recall Exit Polls! How Different Groups Voted .

So, we feel let down because Obama didn’t put his boots on WI soil…that’s Mickey Mouse BS! We need to be pissed at ourselves for not voting like the numbers show that we have in Wisconsin! Let’s not blame Obama for not showing-up, tweeting Tom Barrett and sending Clinton; this is part of the Republican Conspiracy Theory – pitting Democrat against Democrat, Labor against Labor and blame the black guy! When you’re President than you can make those decisions! The growing feels from the population is that the POTUS is doing a hell of a job under adversity. Just think or imagine where we could be by now if there was cooperation from the other side on major issues to move this country forward!

Unity and solidarity is what we should be showing the Republicans Party, not this divide and conquer display of disarray and discord among the party! If we showed unity and solidarity their big money couldn’t and will not stop us from moving forward!  Take a page out of the Republican play book on standing as one. Voice you complaints after the November Election when We: Democrats, Progressive, Independent voting Democratic, Moderate Republicans, Undecided and “I Just Don’t Care About Politics” all voting Democratic and not to forget Conservative Democrats; voting Democrat – to win!

Let’s not do like the 2010 midterm election and allow 87+ more extreme right-wing into Congress, we won’t survive and our voices would be silenced! …We have the power to give Obama the House, retain the Senate and Presidency and get more progressive like Elizabeth Warren into Congress and the only problem that I can see would be the Supreme Court! So, yes, I say get over it for now!

Sanjay Sanghoee |Huff Post Politics| said: “It is easy to get caught up in the hope that a new president will bring with them magical solutions to all our problems, but that is a fantasy. No president, Democrat or Republican, can give us utopia. History will judge President Obama on the effectiveness of his policies, but if you examine his track record objectively, it is clear that he has been a dynamic, committed and effective leader during a time of extreme challenge. Contrary to Republican propaganda, Barack Obama is a strong president who has done a good job for us and we should not hesitate to acknowledge that.”

Spotlight: S. Sanghoee -The Case for Barack Obama ; support our president and the Democratic Party! In addition, Van Jones get’s it right below: we, from all levels of the Democratic Party didn’t do enough in Wisconsin and if we [the Democratic Party] allow it in the form of 2010 midterm election and become complacent or we [the Democratic Party] just don’t vote in 2012 or we could have a “Tea Party Trifecta.” See below! Gbismarc!

Van Jones: National Democrats Didn’t Do Enough In Wisconsin Recall

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — National Democrats didn’t do enough to help in the recall fight against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, says former White House “green jobs czar” Van Jones.

“To the extent this fight is considered a life-or-death fight for the labor movement, and is now being considered a big signal of poor health for the progressive cause, you did not see a commensurate level of engagement and participation from national Democrats in that fight,” Jones said in an interview with TPM at the Netroots Nation conference. “I’m seeing a lot more energy mourning the loss than I saw energy securing the win.”

Walker’s opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, got a late boost after visits by former President Bill Clinton and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. President Obama sent a tweet in support of Barrett. Still, many liberals grumbled about the lack of national backup .

The Left treated the recall as a local movement, not a “life-or-death struggle” for the labor movement, Jones said. “When we do our minimum and (Republicans) do their maximum, they win,” he added. “Very simple.”
All things considered, Jones said he is glad the defeat happened when it did. “I’m glad this is an alarm clock — it sounds like a fire alarm — but I’m glad it’s going off in June, and not in November,” he said. “I think there were a lot of progressives who looked at the Republican party and fell down laughing at what looked like the Three Stooges, and also looked at the jobs numbers, which were getting better, and were saying literally a week ago, ‘Obama’s got it in the bag.’ I’m sad about the outcome, but I’m glad we got the wake-up call. Our opponents are serious.”

Van Jones warns of ‘tea party trifecta’ (VIDEO)

at 02:13 PM ET, 06/12/2012

Former Obama administration environmental adviser Van Jones had some harsh words for President Obama at the Netroots Nation conference over the weekend, telling the crowd in a keynote speech that liberals have been “crushed” by the president.

But in an interview ahead of his Saturday night remarks, Jones argued that the Democratic base should temper its expectations of the president. And he urged liberals to work to avoid a “tea party trifecta” in the fall. (He wasn’t explicit, but presumably meant the presidency, House and Senate.) Here’s a video of our interview with Jones at the Rhode Island Convention Center Saturday afternoon:

[important]Van Jones warns of ‘tea party trifecta’ (VIDEO)[/important]

Let me repeat! And if you tweet! #RT Join me, Join the # DLU – Re-elect the President and Turn Congress – Blue! [Say it!]

Support President Obama and the Democratic Party! Make your contributions – Today!

We need people to come together and support the President in this election of 2012, the push to

Koch's & Karl Rove

The Three K's

turn Congress and this Country – Blue; strengthening our democracy.Your supports are vital to our success — take this opportunity and donate today. In addition, the GOP is spending 1 billion dollars to remove Obama from the office of: POTUS ! This group consisting of K och’s, K arl Rove and in the shadows the K han because Obama has caused a “Life Changing Event “- for them! Let’s make this event last four more years for the three K’s!

Thanks you! Democratic Liberal Umbrella – Organization of Mainstream Grassroots Americans! Join the DLU !

Let’s Be Liberals and Vote the Right-wing – Out!
Gbismarc! Democratic Liberal Umbrella will give you the bitter and the sweet! Join the cause Your Support Helps! …Enjoy! I’m ready for a game of Chess – Gbismarc!

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