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>By: Robert L. Gallimore | Re-posted: December 09, 2012| [Watch the video below on: A Change that Matters! Gbismarc!]

Democratic Liberal UmbrellaDemocratic Liberal Umbrella – DLU Blog – Let’s be Liberals and TURN CONGRESS AND THIS COUNTRY BLUE!  We the People here and on Face Book are uniting, beneath this one house, in a way that’s necessary to make a real difference; a real change that matters in the 2012 election and beyond. The DLU consist of mainstream, grassroots, everyday Americans that are sick and tired of the Hostage taking methods employed by the GOP, the “Party of No” and the “Do Nothing Congress”! Join in this fight, subscribe and become one with the growing majority here on Face Book and beyond! https://www.facebook.com/DemocraticLiberalUmbrella

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The Right wing has the general impressing that the air is thick with liberal disappointment with their President and the Democratic Party! They believe that they can say and/or do anything to divide Liberals, divide the Democratic base at this time.  Republicans think that if they gave a command – “Jump to us that we’ll say how high” — because we’re so disenfranchised and demoralized with our party that we will stay at home and not vote. They also think that the Progressives and Independents are so disengaged from the Democratic Party that they’ll stay home as well. Their perception is that this election is a rap and all sown up for them – it’s in the bag for the Republicans Party! We’ll we’re here to say – think twice about that. The Democratic Party is just as strong, focus and determined as ever! The Sleeping Giant is awake!

Republican ashamed of this GOP

The reason to vote Democrat

The 2012 elections has become a major turning point in how our country moves forward. As the Republican Party has moved further to the right, moderates have no place to go. Most of these Republicans would rather sit home on Election Day than vote for either party. Here are 6 reasons why they should get up off the couch and vote for a Democrat.

1. Real Jobs – The average Republican is likely in the same boat as a Democrat. In the economic times that we live in, the Republican Party has done nothing to help out the middle class. President Obama and the Democrats have repeatedly talked about creating jobs through infrastructure. Rebuilding roads, bridges and schools. While the Republicans should appeal to the rich businessmen, the Democrats offer much more to the average worker.

2. Education – Most people, Democrat and Republican, send their children to public school. Americans pay for public education through their taxes. The Republican Party is hell-bent on destroying public education and changing the system to a private one. Within the private system they could easily change the curriculum to fit their own political ideology. Republicans would be better off voting for a Democrat who will improve our public school system and keep money in their pockets and out of the private sector.

3. Woman’s Rights – The first law that President Obama signed into office, as President was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. The bill gave woman more power and a better chance at getting equal pay compared to men. President Obama and the Democrats have stood up for woman’s rights across the board. As the Republican Party has taken a hard right turn, their stance on woman’s rights has taken a bigger hit. Some states now, including Ohio and Idaho that make it nearly impossible for a woman to get an abortion. Republicans talk about small government and less regulation, but when it comes time for a woman to decide what to do with her own body, the Republican Party shows how hypocritical they can be.


Watch video:

A Change that Matters

4. Environment – As part of their “Government is Evil” campaign, one of the programs that the Republicans deem as evil is the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency. The Republicans hate the idea of the EPA because it is a form of regulation. It is safe to say that most Americans on either side of the aisle like to know that when they open a can of beans, that those beans are safe. Most Americans would like to know that when they get fruits and vegetables at the supermarket, that they could eat them without getting sick. The Republicans don’t care about the safety of Americans, or at least they have a strange way of showing it. In addition to their stance on the EPA, they still have an unhealthy obsession with drilling for oil. Even after the disastrous BP oil spill, the conservatives still scream at the top of their lungs, “Drill, Baby, Drill”. Maybe next time they should tell that to the people stepping in oil.

5. Civil Rights - We are together as a country. It shouldn’t matter what race, religion or sexual orientation you are. However, the Republican Party has put their foot down on where they stand. The Republican Party has been taken over by the radical religious right. They never talk about helping minorities and have shown their opposition towards any equality for members of the LGBT community. If you are anything other than a straight white Christian, you have no place in the Republican Party. Even if you fit the mold, you still should open you eyes to what is right for the country, and it sure isn’t what the GOP is serving.

6. The Competition – The fact of the matter is that whom the Republican Party has to offer for the 2012 election is a scary site. Each candidate is worse than the next. Whether it is hard right candidates like [Ron Paul], Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry, or more “moderate” candidates like Jon Huntsman or Mitt Romney, the country would be in trouble either way. As the party has been taken over by their Tea Party members, the supposed “moderate” candidates now have to go further to the right to appeal to them. As the party goes further to the right, it is nothing but bad news for the country.

Robert Sobel, Orlando Liberal Examiner: Posted:  09/01/2011 12:33 PM


The Election of 2012 is history and President Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term! I’m one of those Ex-Republicans that switched sides many year ago because I saw then that the Republican Philosophy was about to downhill; moving in the wrong direction and I wasn’t about to follow! Today reveals the direction that they were headed and I see why more and more Republicans are ashamed of the GOP!  Well, if you feel the shame like ex-governor Charlie Crist…move left, become a Democrat and my friend! Gbismarc!


We need people to come together, support the President and the Democratic Party in our quest to turn Congress and this Country – Blue; strengthening our democracy. Your contributions are vital to our success — take this opportunity and donate today. The GOP collectively spent over1 billion dollars to remove one man from the office of the POTUS and their efforts – failed ! This group consisting of K och’s, K arl Rove and in the shadows the K han because Obama has caused “Life Changing Events”- for them! We have turned out to vote in record numbers in 2012; making these events last four more years for the Special K’s!The push to turn this country - blue!

Thank you! Democratic Liberal Umbrella – Organization of Mainstream Grassroots Americans! Join the DLU !

If you tweet! Let me repeat! #RT Join me, Join the # DLU – we’ve Re-elected the President and we’re Turning Congress – Blue! [Say it!]

Let’s Be Liberals (all inclusive) and Vote the Right-wing – Out!
Gbismarc! Democratic Liberal Umbrella will give you the bitter and the sweet! Join the cause Your Support Helps! …Enjoy! I’m ready for a game of Chess – Gbismarc!

Updated: 09/24/13 — 3:13 pm


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