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Just a note: The reasons why you should support the Democratic Liberal Umbrella (#DLU!):


If you are and consider yourself a Main Stream American that votes Democratic in Elections. You should support us!
If you are a #Liberal,
If you are a #Progressive,
If you are an #Independent, a #Green party member – you should support us!

If you are a #Moderate #conservative that voted Republican, that’s sick and tired of crap coming from the party that you identify with, is not upholding to the once and forgotten standards of old! Then maybe you consider switching party and join the #Democrats because we appear to be on the same page as you! You should support us!

There is a segment of the populations that we call: ‘I Don’t Care about Politic’ you should reconsider that thought because #Politics and #Politicians are controlling you in some form or fashion and when you realize that; you should support us!

And finally, if you are a Democrat that supports ‘What We Stand For’ within the Democratic Party; you should support the Democratic Liberal Umbrella!

One thing we’ll say about the Republicans/Conservatives/GOP is that they stand with one voice; sharing talking points and show their support …made evidence in social media platforms with Likes, numbers, tweets, re-tweets, shares via whatever means to do so! We’ll give them that and that’s all we’ll give because their message is always hateful, insensitive, insulting and downgrading the lesser, unfortunate Americans – it’s always self-serving! That, my friends, is all they have! If you agree than you should support us!

The Democratic Liberal Umbrella spotlights, highlights, re-examines Memes, articles and posts; giving you the bitter and the sweet of politics in our quest to keep you too informed to vote Republican – ever! And remember that Democracy Dies when Democrats [people voting Democratic] – don’t Vote.
As our motto states: Keep the #Immigrants and Deport the Republican Party! They don’t have your best interest at heart [sic]!

PS, ask to join, subscribe, if you are of like mind! If you are receiving unwanted notifications at various times…Turn-off the notifications! However please remain our friends by liking the page, 1+ or via whatever means to do so.

The #Democratic Party in not a perfect party, we have our share of problems, but we’re a better alternative than the Republican/Tea/Libertarian Party!
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About the DLU:

The Right wing has the general impressing that the air is thick with liberal disappointment with their President and the Democratic Party! They believe that they can say and/or do anything to divide Liberals, divide the Democratic base at this time.  Republicans think that if they gave a command – “Jump to us that we’ll say how high” — because we’re so disenfranchised and demoralized with our party that we will stay at home and not vote. They also think that the Progressives and Independents are so disengaged from the Democratic Party that they’ll stay home as well. Their perception is that this election is a rap and all sown up for them – it’s in the bag for the Republicans Party! We’ll we’re here to say – think twice about that. The Democratic Party is just as strong, focus and determined as ever! The Sleeping Giant is awake!

I have been thinking that I [we] would make a proposition to my Republican friends. …That if they will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them. Adlai E. Stevenson (1900 – 1965) – 10 September 1952


The 2012 elections [has proved]to be a major turning point in how our country moves forward. As the Republican Party has moved further to the right, moderates have no place to go. Most of these Republicans would rather sit home on Election Day than vote for either party. Here are 6 reasons why they should get up off the couch, [get out there] and vote for a Democrat.

  • Real Jobs,
  • Education,
  • Woman’s Rights,
  • Environment,
  • Civil Rights, and
  • Competition

A tidbit from: Orlando FL: 6 reasons why a Republican should vote for a Democrat:

Robert Sobel, Orlando Liberal Examiner: Posted:  09/01/2011 12:33 PM

I think we can find many more reasons to vote Democratic like for instance – Compassion for the American people! It appears that Compassion is not one of the GOP’s strong suits! They have none! There is a list of attributes’ on What We Stand for as Democrats within the many pages of this site and at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Democratic-Party/112109125471810?sk=wiki
Wake-up and vote Democrat before your voice will be forever – silent!

The Democratic Liberal Umbrella is a grassroots organization looking to merge underneath one roof, one political page and webpage here, on Face Book and beyond. Where we can organize into a stronger, more collective body, voicing our opinions and continuing this process throughout this election and beyond! I don’t know how many of your friend are Liberal, Independent, Progressive, Moderate and/or “I Just Don’t Care” about Politics. However we need everyone to beat the GOP and Tea Party in the election 2012! We need to follow the President and the Democratic Party and continue moving this country forward and I am dedicating my time to help in this process to win in 2012! Are you with me? Are you in?

And for starters we need to continue reaching out across the country for Like-minded people to join our groups, blogs and websites. We need to get congressman, lawyers, writers, etc, people in the public, [public influence people] under this umbrella. …We need Committeeman [people] at the State levels [Progressives/Independents] that can/will move to the Legislative level – soon as possible; with a goal of 2015. We need to push Liberal Judges with a Progressives agenda to get nominated into the courts systems that can move-up to the SCOTUS (SCOTUS, the acronym for the Supreme Court of the United States – Wikipedia). There is a lot that needs to be put into place by 2015 — if not sooner — with this being just the – tip of the iceberg!

We need to Stand Firm with President Obama and the current Administration. We need the current Democratic Administration to make a stand with one collective voice – pushing the Liberal/Progressive agenda! In addition Liberals on these social networks should stop talking about splitting to back another Presidential candidate — it’s a defeatist attitude — that we don’t need! We will lose this “Political War” if we continue on that path. If you can help in those areas mentioned above or know people with monetary support – We need them – Now!

Addition note: The Republicans have worked on taking back the government using any means necessary to carry out this for a long time – Do you see that happening? Scary Huh!

Wake-up my Democratic friends before your voice will be forever – silent!

The Current Republican Party:

“The Party of No” the “Do Nothing Congress” and the “Obstructionist Party” make-up the current Republican/GOP Party!

John Boehner talks about job killing…You need to look no further than the Republican Party, Corporate America holding the jobs until after the Election because they want a Republican Congress and the Chamber of Commerce [Pro-Republican] etc. They are holding the American public hostage… The goals of the GOP are eliminating social programs, elimination of people’s rights and eliminating the Federal Reserve Banking System! If we let them they will do it!

John Boehner GOP

Current Republican Party

This is a problem in America today! …Republicans wanting to send our jobs overseas and you want to back these people? Are you kidding me? We need to take back more seats in Congress and not just hold on to what seats we have! Vote straight Democratic ticket this November 2012! …We need the seats. If you set back and let it happen again then you can’t complain about not having jobs!

Stop blaming the Democratic Party and President Obama! …You need to redirect the failed policies crap to the failed agenda to the Republicans. Things are moving in the right direction…but it’s slow and that’s because of the “Party of No”! Just think my friends where we would be if the Party of No was truly working with governing party the past four years. The real reason(s) the “Party of No” has slowed down the growth and prosperity is because there’s a smart Black Man is running this country.

You talk about independent thinkers in the Tea Party! Really? …What independent thinkers/Presidential candidates? …They don’t have a clue on how to run this country! …You picked the wrong [Tea Party] candidates – in 2010!” Look at what those people are doing as Governors – http://crooksandliars.com/nicole-belle/signs-your-governor-may-have-koch-p-0/

From the AFL-CIO blog

The addiction of governors across the country to the Koch brothers’ agenda seems to be growing stronger every day. Here are some warning signs your governor might have a Koch problem:

1. Are they planning on attending the upcoming Koch brothers invitation-only strategy session in ritzy Vail, Colorado?

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has already confirmed his attendance. Just because your governor hasn’t announced his or her attendance doesn’t mean he or she is not planning on going. The Koch brothers hold biannual seminars but like to keep their strategy sessions secret so they don’t out their followers. If you have the opportunity, ask them!

2. Did your governor support attacks on collective bargaining rights for public service workers?

The Koch brothers’ front group, Americans for Prosperity, pushed attacks on the collective bargaining rights of firefighters, teachers, nurses, police officers and other public service workers in Wisconsin and Ohio and other states. During the Wisconsin struggle, Gov. Scott Walker was recorded taking a call from a prank caller he thought was David Koch and openly discussed the assault on working families.

3. Is your governor pushing massive tax breaks that would benefit the Koch brothers and other corporate cronies?

The Koch brothers fought hard for the Bush tax cuts to continue in December but they also took their fight for tax breaks for the rich to their Koch-addicted governors. In Ohio, Gov. John Kasich taped a personal thank you video for Americans for Prosperity for the group’s work pushing a repeal of the estate tax, which would only benefit the rich in Ohio.

Oh and there’s more. Go check them out at ACLU-blog.

More about the DLU:

Now, I hope that people see what is happening to this country and care enough to make a change. We need to gain back seats in the House to control it (I say more than the seats lost in 2010), we need to gain and/or maintain the Senate, we need to stop the suppression of voters at the polls, we need to placed initiatives on the ballots to fuel the fire, we need to Stop being Complacent, look at the big picture about your future, who’s influencing your future, your way of life, have a say in your future. Most people don’t care and that’s sad because collectively numbers can change your outcome, but to do that, one needs to understand where they’re at in the process, whose philosophy fits your way of thinking and then you need to pick a side and get involved in politics.

My side/ my way of thinking I went from Republican to Democrat because that’s where I fit in!

A note from 08/31/2010:

  • I agree that: “Republicans are nothing but spoiled bratty children throwing tantrums because they can’t have their way! They claim their platform is based on personal responsibility but it is far from it. The tea baggers don’t care about anyone but themselves & only want to regain power to destroy this nation like bush did!” “People can be divided into three groups: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what [the hell] happened!” –John Newbern (1979). Don’t be swayed by the GOP! You decide!
  • It hurts as a former Republican like me who has been wrong in my political approach and realizes you’ve made a mistake. Think about the real picture that is we have been duped into believing that the Republicans are our saviors of this nation. When actually, it’s John Boehner and Mitch McConnell that have stalled on every bill passing through Congress to hold the process of moving forward. John Boehner’s “Job Killing Tax Hike” request is because these tax-cut come from the BUSH era [2.4 T dollars taxes on 100% borrowed money in 2000-2001]. Now they need to pay that bill [Jan 1st]…it’s coming out of that 2% of people making 250 G’s and upwards. Maybe you’re in that tax bracket …well I am sorry …it’s due! So, stop with the hate initiative, the Republicans (like I was) got us into this fix.
  • We’ll know that Big Oil sponsors the grassroots initiative called the Tea Party Movement [The Koch's]; these two people are the epicenter of the Anti-Obama, Anti-Gays, Anti-Immigrations – the Muslims included, and the Anti-Blacks period. Glenn Beck, Rust Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin all are in support of Big Oil. This strategy used by the right [ultra/wing nuts] conservatives to endorse the [Hate Card] Anti [movement] initiatives and referendum on the election ballots to booster the Evangelical Christians and the Haters to the poles. It’s about numbers people! They don’t give a flying fig about mainstream Americans. If the republicans get the control again they will extend the tax-cuts, paid for from Social Security and Medicare …on the backs of the true main stream Americans. This is bad economics. [And they did]
  • According to Politico reports, “If Republicans take control of the House in November; they will unleash a wave of hearings, subpoenas and testimony against the Obama White House and its executive branch with pointless hearing during this economic recovery.” Do we need to strike first?
  • My questions: How are we showing the voters that the Republicans are holding up the progress of moving forward differently? How do we shore-up the Independent Voters now? We need to attack John Boehner’s “Tax Hike Initiative” now. They are trying to get out of paying the bill that’s due 2011!

Now [September-2011] what do you see coming from the GOP camp? Someone would say “Shared Sacrifice!”

  • What has the GOP really sacrificed? To sacrifice, you must have something to give up. The Republicans are so bound to a failed ideology called “trickle-down economics” that they think it is a sacrifice to reconsider these policies. Just voting for an increase in the debt ceiling is considered a “shared sacrifice” by what Republicans call their “leadership.”
  • Yes, voting to keep the United States from defaulting on debt payments and avoiding thousands of layoffs is a sacrifice for many Republicans. It’s a lot to give up, having to help unworthy public and private sector workers.
  • Yes, helping avoid a downgrade in the U.S. credit rating and raising the cost of the current debt is a “sacrifice”. And of course, helping the United States keep its place as a nation to invest in, as one of the world’s leading economies is a big sacrifice. It’s too hard for Republicans to sacrifice so much to make sure the economy is stable.

And you back these people? You may need to have your head – examined – Seriously!

President Obama: We got your back!

Robert L. GallimoreUpdate: Sept, 24 2013 – Gbismarc!]


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