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Explore: Shutdown’s roots lie in deeply embedded divisions in America’s politics


Shutdown’s roots lie in deeply embedded divisions in America’s politics >by Dan Balz, Published: October 5 | Washington Post|   The government shutdown did not happen by accident. It is the latest manifestation — an extreme one by any measure — of divisions long in the making and now deeply embedded in the country’s politics. At […]

Today’s GOP: Worst Political Party Since the Civil War

John Boehner

>by Martin Longman | AlterNet | May 21, 2012  | [I agree! Gbismarc!] [important]The last time things got this bad was about 150 years ago — and we needed a Civil War to resolve it.[/important]  Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein recently wrote a column for the Washington Post with a provocative headline: “Let’s […]

Right-wing Claims – If Obama’s Re-elected


“Take-Up Arms” rhetoric talk “Can It!” >Posted by Robert L. Gallimore|DLU| May 11, 2012 | [Go to: Newsletter Calls For 'Armed Revolution', Watch NRA Conspiracy video] OK, what’s the problem coming from the Right-wing and what’s with all of these groups calling for “Armed Revolution”, these Ted Neuget types and these “Scare the Left-wing from […]

Why South Carolina’s Values Are Not America’s Values

South Carolina State Flag

>By David Atkins | Sourced from Hullabaloo |Posted at January 21, 2012, 9:47 am | Since CNN has assured us that the South is “where values matter” in advance of today’s South Carolina primary, it’s worth considering just what South Carolina values are, courtesy Thomas Schaller in Whistling Past Dixie (pp.274-275) Consider South Carolina, which has opposed or […]

Ron Paul Says Taxation Is ‘Immoral’ And ‘Theft’

October 24, 2011 | By Stephen D. Foster Jr. | IF YOU LIKE THIS ARTICLE, PRESS LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE! Republicans love living in the past, they just can’t live without the Constitution, Founding Fathers and paying no taxes…It’s a part of life paying taxes and stop trying to get around that notion that American […]

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