Fast and Furious

Spotlight – Operation “Piss Off Mitt” Seems to be Working

Romney taking the gloves off

[important]Venture capitalist  – out-of-touch – liar [/important] [Romney has some out-of-touch traits that make him unfit to be President: He's a serious flip-flopper, out-of-touch with the middle-class with a very low sensitivity level for people unlike him, just like the rest of the GOP extremists, he's governed by special interests and lobbyists (crony capitalist like he […]

Spotlight – Jennifer Bendery: “Fast and Furious”

Eric Holder-Darrell Issa Contempt

[important]Eric Holder Won’t Be Prosecuted For Contempt Charge, Jay Carney Says [/important] >by Jennifer Bendery |Posted: 06/29/2012 3:24 pm Updated: 06/29/2012 3:54 pm | WASHINGTON — Attorney General Eric Holder won’t be prosecuted for being in contempt of Congress because he is insulated by President Barack Obama’s use of executive privilege, White House Press Secretary […]

Spotlight – Fast and Furious scandal


[important]How Issa’s Committee Lied About Fast & Furious To Lead to Holder Farce[/important] >by: Dennis S| June 28, 2012 | Darrell Issa It’s great fun watching the right-wing broadcasters, Websites, bloggers, et al, try to debunk the debunker in the embarrassing revelations contained in the Fortune magazine investigative story by reporter Katherine Eban that concluded […]

Spotlight WP – Political Opportunism – Republican Conspiracy Theory


[important]Darrell Issa’s cheap political opportunism[/important] >by Colbert I. King, Published: June 22 | [So, it began under Bush and criticized under Obama and contempt charges brought-up on Eric Holder – in contempt of Congress for failing to turn over the documents! “Operation Fast and Furious came to light after two assault rifles purchased by [an] indicted […]

Right-wing Conspiracy Theory – “Fast and Furious”


[important]Conspiracy Theory – “Fast and Furious”[/important] >by Robert L. Gallimore |DLU| June 22, 2012 | OK, Lefty, you have this Right-wing Conspiracy Theory that President Obama is coming after the NRA gun owners and to eliminate the Second Amendment Rights as we know it and if he (Obama) is re-elected a second term that gun […]

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