MSNBC’s: Krystal Ball Tells The Truth On Obamacare

MSNBC's KrystalBall on Obamacare

Krystal Ball Tells The Truth On Obamacare (VIDEO) >by: Egberto Willies September 25, 2013 5:19 am | Addicting Info | MSNBC Krystal Ball’s closing essay on The Cycle today was epic. It was on point. It was a message that journalists should have made clear to the American citizenry long time ago. Unlike what MSNBC’s […]

Expose Santorum: Making False Claims Against Obama


[important]Santorum Makes False Claims Against Obama as David Gregory Sits In Silence[/important] >by Aphrodite on 10 Dec 2012|Class Warfare Exists | Meet the Press is where politicians come on TV and rattle off their talking points…featuring David Gregory as the wallpaper. NBC host David Gregory allowed former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) to get away with making false […]

Spotlight Just the Facts: Democratic Members Of Ohio Election Board Removed For Supporting Voter Rights

Jon Husted - Ohio SOS

[important]Just the Facts[/important] A note: The current battles between Democrats and Republicans are over Voter Suppression and Medicare; particularly Paul Ryan’s budget plan. The Republicans know that they can’t win a general election on their own merits so they have to limit the playing field – someway! They also know that the Government that helps […]

Spotlight continues – Re-elect the President and Turn Congress – Blue!

Barack Obama Hope

[important] Re-elect the President and Turn Congress – Blue! [/important] >by Robert L. Gallimore |DLU| June 30, 2012| Let’s keep this momentum alive! As Clint would say [Make my day!], please make our day! Support President Obama and the Democratic Party! Make your contributions – Today! If you’ve noticed, larger corporations and their Conservative, Lobbyist, […]

Highlight – Democrats on Jobs and the Economy

Spending Chart

[important]Jobs and the Economy[/important] President Obama inherited an economy in free fall, with huge deficits, skyrocketing health care costs, dwindling employment, and banking and housing markets on the brink of collapse. Working with the President, Democrats stabilized the financial system and helped to prevent a second Great Depression. An economy that was losing 700,000 jobs […]

Battle Lines Drawn – Wisconsin: People, Economy, Jobs or Extreme Rights – Outside Influences


[important]Battle Lines Drawn – Wisconsin [/important] >by Robert L. Gallimore |DLU| June 06, 2012 | Maybe what “DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) said [that] the upcoming Wisconsin gubernatorial recall race is a ‘test run’ for the Democratic election machine in presidential battleground states [and nation-wide].” We need to get real [serious here], we’re […]

The GOP’s Played-Out Race Card

Obama's Democratic Strategy

>by Melissa Harris-Perry | May 23, 2012   | This article appeared in the June 11, 2012 edition of The Nation.| May 24, 2012  |AlterNet Headlines [] Conservative strategists have been toying with how to use race against President Obama in this year’s election. So far, they’ve done a poor job of it. The following article […]

Today’s GOP: Worst Political Party Since the Civil War

John Boehner

>by Martin Longman | AlterNet | May 21, 2012  | [I agree! Gbismarc!] [important]The last time things got this bad was about 150 years ago — and we needed a Civil War to resolve it.[/important]  Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein recently wrote a column for the Washington Post with a provocative headline: “Let’s […]

Breaking: Romney has a Serious Minority Dilemma

Mitt Romney

[notice]Mitt Romney’s Big Latino Problem[/notice] >Black Star News Editorial | April 28, 2012 |[Mitt Romney doesn't relate well with Minorities, Poor, Women and the Young and this is a major Demographic to have in your corner come November! Gbismarc!] Mitt Romney doesn’t know how the other 99% live! Prospective Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a […]

Jon Huntsman Criticizes Republican Party, Compares Actions To Communist China

Jon Huntsman

>by Huff Post |Posted: 04/22/2012 10:22 pm Updated: 04/22/2012 10:34 pm |[This is Jon Huntsman’s way of jockeying for the top position in the Americans Elect 2012 secret ballot slot aimed at electing the GOP candidate! The concept of Americans Elect is good, however the timing is wrong for both political parties - it reminds me […]

“All the Good Things Have Been Taken” by the Plutocrats


>by brian conners, Yahoo! Contributor Network| Apr 10, 2012 |[Back in the time of Ronald Reagan was when I knew that the Republicans Party was heading in the wrong direction and they called it Trickle-Down Economic, because the wealthiest American were just getting richer and richer and there was very little of the wealth (the […]

American Apartheid? The Republican “Dream” Scheme

Immigration Rights - the American Apartheid

>by Michael Keegan |Thu, 03/29/2012 – 3:31pm | Originally published at Huffington Post. | [Watch the video below: Latino Apartheid! Gbismarc!]  The Senate GOP seems to be banking on the assumption that Latino voters are stupid, or don’t read the fine print — or are not paying any attention at all. Panicking from a series […]

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