John Kerry

Spotlight Obama: U.S. ‘should’ punish Syria; will seek congressional permission


Obama: U.S. ‘should’ punish Syria; will seek congressional permission >by: Reid J. Epstein and Jonathan Allen | August 31, 2013 01:08 PM EDT | [I say take him (Syrian President Bashar Assad) out - plain and simple...Done!] The United States is prepared and “should” take military action against Syria, President Barack Obama said Saturday afternoon […]

Once Again the GOP is Attacking a Democrat’s Strong Point

John Kerry and Joe Lieberman

>by Brian Conners, Yahoo! Contributor Network | May 18, 2012 “Share your voice on Yahoo! websites” | The Jan 8, 2012 article “The GOP Politics is More Vicious Than the Democrats” describes how Karl Rove adapted his mentor Lee Atwater’s Willie Horton strategy for use in the 2004 campaign. This technique goes directly from Atwater’s […]

Profiles in Outrage: How George W. Bush Stole the 2000 Presidential Election

George W. Bush

>Jon C. Hopwood, Yahoo! Contributor Network | Oct 17, 2008 |Re-post |[To the conservative base and Republican Lawmakers...We all know that the GOP stole the elections 2000, 2004 and the past 5 GOP President were elected through controversy - Fraud and Treason! Do not try that Crap come November 2012 election!] Bush 43, Ulysses S. Grant […]

Democrats Seek To Frame Mitt Romney As John Kerry In 2004

JIM KUHNHENN   10/20/11 04:42 PM ET  | Huffington Post | IF YOU LIKE THIS ARTICLE, LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE! WASHINGTON — A beleaguered president seeks re-election. His challenger, a candidate with Massachusetts roots and a presidential demeanor straight out of central casting, has to fight through a primary contest fending off charges of flip-flopping. […]

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