Koch Brothers

Examine: How Racism Caused The Shutdown

"moral crisis" for America.

How Racism Caused The Shutdown   >by Zack Beauchamp on October 9, 2013 at 9:00 am | Thinkprogress | This isn’t an article about how Republicans shut down the government because they hate that the President is black. This is an article about how racism caused the government to shut down and the U.S. to […]

Spotlight Obama: Obamacare critics are ‘desperate’ fat-cat Fox News watchers

Second term slump for Obama or worse?

Obama: Obamacare critics are ‘desperate’ fat-cat Fox News watchers >by: Olivier Knox, Yahoo News | 09/27/2013 | President Barack Obama went nuclear this week in his attacks on Republicans trying to derail the Affordable Care Act, painting the controversial law’s opponents as fat cats who watch too much Fox News. Or freeloaders. Or the Koch […]

Expose: Conservative rant about the Democratic Party!

How misguided Conservatives see the Democratic Tree of [Ism's]

 Conservative rant about the Democratic Party! >by Barbara O’Donnell | August 22, 2013 | posted: DLU August 24, 2013 | I just couldn’t help myself, I had to post this …@Gbismarc | Okay…here’s a rant from a radical #Conservative more than likely #TeaBagger filled with lies and misconceptions…Take it for what it’s worth…Nothing! However, if […]

Spotlight Claire Conner – Dad loved Koch [Fred C.]


Taking Our Country Back There’s this movement in America for more than half a century to ‘taking our country back’ [to take back America] and this group is now seen as special interest, lobbyist and so called Libertarians. These special interest groups are controlling the Radical Right-wing of the Republican Party – Tea Party Republicans […]

Spotlight continues – Re-elect the President and Turn Congress – Blue!

Barack Obama Hope

[important] Re-elect the President and Turn Congress – Blue! [/important] >by Robert L. Gallimore |DLU| June 30, 2012| Let’s keep this momentum alive! As Clint would say [Make my day!], please make our day! Support President Obama and the Democratic Party! Make your contributions – Today! If you’ve noticed, larger corporations and their Conservative, Lobbyist, […]

The Right’s New Tactic to Pit the Middle Class Against Itself

Koch Brothers Exposed

>by Dean Bakopoulos | Salon  | June 8, 2012  | A new kind of class warfare is emerging in the Heartland.| [Posted June 17, 2012, I’m playing catch-up on interesting articles ...enjoy! Remember to support the President and the Democratic Party this fall by voting! The Conspiracy Theory continues from the Right. Gbismarc!] The failed […]

Obama Campaign Slams Koch Brothers: Americans For Prosperity Should Reveal Donors

Obama - Koch Brothers

>By Leigh Owens Posted: 03/02/12 02:56 PM ET | The Huffington Post | The Obama campaign has started a petition aimed at forcing Americans for Prosperity, the conservative group backed by billionaires Charles and David Koch, to release its donor lists to the public, proving the group’s claim of running a grassroots-supported organization. This latest move […]

Obama asks Congress to vote down oil industry tax breaks


>By Andrew Restuccia – 03/01/12 01:36 PM ET |[There is no gas shortage.  There is no increased demand.  There is only the Koch Brothers speculators running up the price to win the election in November. Republicans are not going to remove the oil companies' tax breaks because the industry is their biggest campaign donor.  Remember […]

Democracy Alliance Dumps Progressive Organizations

Shutter Stock

>By Ryan Grim | Huffington Post | February 28, 2012  | The private network of major progressive and Democratic donors has dropped a number of prominent organizations. The Democracy Alliance, a private network of major progressive and Democratic donors, has dropped a number of prominent organizations, according to people familiar with the group’s decision. The […]

Top Of The Pyramid Billionaires, Secretly Buying The 2012 Election

Recession Worlds Highest Standard of Living

>By Wendy Gittleson | February 4, 2012 |[Trickle Down Economic didn't work back in Ronald Reagan time and it doesn't work - now! Get a grip!] How many of you have been approached by friends or coworkers with an opportunity you simply couldn’t pass up? All you have to do, they say, is throw a […]

Why do conservatives vote against their own interests?

Robert Weiner

>Written by Robert Weiner and Jaime Ravenet |Re-post from MC |by OurFuture.org Staff | January 27, 2012 | Michigan Congressman John Conyers, Dean of the Congressional Black Caucus, raised a compelling question in a conversation the other day: “Why do conservatives vote against their own interests?” If we can answer this, we might reach the common […]

Scott Walker Recall: Democrats Collect More Than A Half-Million Signatures In One Month

Scott Walker

First Posted: 12/15/11 12:43 PM ET Updated: 12/15/11 03:14 PM ET| The Huffington Post| What do you think? WASHINGTON — In just one month, Democrats have collected more than a half-million signatures from Wisconsinites hoping to kick Gov. Scott Walker (R) out of office, putting them well on their way to hit the threshold to trigger […]

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