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Spotlight: Right-wing Voter Suppression [...]

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[important]How Voter ID Laws Are Being Used to Disenfranchise Minorities and the Poor[/important] >by Andrew Cohen | Mar 16 2012, 12:10 PM ET |[Re-post! As of this day October 27, 2012, just days away from the most important presidential election since the end of the Civil War; Voter Suppression is still a part of the […]

A Look Back At Two Years Of Arizona’s SB 1070

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>Salvatore Colleluori | April 24, 2012 2:28 pm ET —  Political Correction |[See below: SB1070: The Problem, Not the Answer by Antonio Villaraigosa Mayor of the City of Los Angeles! Gbismarc!]  Tomorrow the United States Supreme Court will hold hearings in Arizona v. United States on their way to deciding the fate of Arizona’s controversial […]

Elephant Memory: Why Latinos Won’t Forget Their Mistreatment From Both Parties

San Jose May Day

>Cristina Costantini| Associate editor, HuffPost LatinoVoices | Posted: 03/ 1/2012 6:50 am |[One thing that we should remember is that the President doesn't make the laws; he upholds the laws passed by congressional action! This fundamental shift observed by the Republicans is temporary due to polling! It is not in the conservative’s nature to be […]

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