Middle Class

The Right’s New Tactic to Pit the Middle Class Against Itself

Koch Brothers Exposed

>by Dean Bakopoulos | Salon  | June 8, 2012  | A new kind of class warfare is emerging in the Heartland.| [Posted June 17, 2012, I’m playing catch-up on interesting articles ...enjoy! Remember to support the President and the Democratic Party this fall by voting! The Conspiracy Theory continues from the Right. Gbismarc!] The failed […]

6 Shocking Ways Capitalism Is Failing Working America

Money Sinking

>By Les Leopold  | AlterNet |January 31, 2012  |Without a dramatic rethink, our “free-enterprise” system may never again provide enough decent jobs for those who need them. Capitalism is coming apart at the seams and the middle-class is paying the price. This week’s news alone bombards us with examples of how, absent a dramatic rethink, […]

Mitt and the middle class

Mitt Romney - Casual

>David Rohde |February 2, 2012 |[Well, what do you think about this article?] Mitt Romney’s declarationthat he wasn’t concerned about “the very poor” was lampooned by Republicans and Democrats alike this week. But his next statement in a CNN interview is the one that could determine the fate of his candidacy. “I’m concerned about the […]

Senate Democrats Plan To Put Republicans On The Wrong Side Of The Middle Class

Harry Reid & Chuck Schumer

   >By Brian Beutler |January 25, 2012, 3:11 PM |TPMDC | Well, what do you think? Senate Democrats are preparing an aggressive legislative agenda to complement the vision President Obama outlined in his State of the Union Address. The goal is to test the idea that the public supports an agenda of aggressive federal action […]

Barack Obama says taxes are lower for middle class today than when he took office

Obama in Scranton PA

For “the average middle-class family, your taxes today are lower than when I took office.” >Barack Obama on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 in a speech in Scranton, Pa. The Truth-O-Meter Says: During a Nov. 30, 2011, speech in Scranton, Pa., President Barack Obama urged Congress to extend a payroll tax cut. He used the platform […]

Is the GOP handing Obama another term?

President Barack Obama

>By Paul Begala |December 15, 2011 |Chicago Tribune| It appears to be the case! What do you think? I think that they’re listening to the wrong person – Grover Norquist, who want taxes increased on the middle-class! Does he really think that this strategy  is going to help the GOP in the long run or is […]

Bernie Sanders’ war on the banks

By Jeff Morley | Tuesday, Oct 25, 2011 10:33 AM EDT |IF YOU LIKE THIS ARTICLE, PRESS LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE! The socialist from OWS says withdraw your money from Wall Street The Occupy Wall Street movement has been accused of being politically incoherent and leaderless, but among its many salutary effects is something that […]

What We Stand For: Economy and Job Creation

What We Stand For: Economy and Job Creation: I don’t believe we can have a strong and growing economy with out a strong and growing middle class President Barack Obama Democrats are fighting to repair a decade of damage and grow an economy based on hard work and responsibility, not greed and reckless speculation—an economy […]

Middle Class Death Watch — 33 Frightening Economic Developments

Amped Status / By David DeGraw: Downward mobility, homelessness spreading to the middle class, 200,000 public employees laid off? Here are some frightening trends to keep an eye on. September 18, 2011 Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images Middle-Class Americans Often Fall Down Economic Ladder: Study – nearly a third of Americans who were part of the […]

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