Highlight Paul Krugman: Finally, Obama’s talking like a progressive!

(Photo: AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Paul Krugman: Finally, Obama’s talking like a progressive! Conventional wisdom is that the Obama presidency is all but over. The economist and liberal pundit disagrees   >by: Alex Halperin | Friday, Dec 6, 2013 08:52 AM EST | Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is in full on cheerleader mode in […]

How fighting income inequality became Obama’s driving force

Obama's Plan for Jobs

[important]How fighting income inequality became Obama’s driving force[/important] >By Zachary A. Goldfarb, Friday, November 23, 5:19 PM |Re-Post November 23, 2012 DLU| When Barack Obama published his autobiography, “Dreams From My Father,” about racial identity in 1995, he talked with his neighborhood newspaper in Illinois, the Hyde Park Citizen, about the economic disparities he had seen while […]

Spotlight: Paul Ryan Lies

Votes for Women

[important]Did Barack Obama break a promise to keep GM plant open?[/important] Share this story: Says President Barack Obama broke his promise to keep a Wisconsin GM plant from closing. Paul Ryan on Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 in a speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa | PolitiFact | If the hometown of Republican vice […]

Spotlight – Operation “Piss Off Mitt” Seems to be Working

Romney taking the gloves off

[important]Venture capitalist  – out-of-touch – liar [/important] [Romney has some out-of-touch traits that make him unfit to be President: He's a serious flip-flopper, out-of-touch with the middle-class with a very low sensitivity level for people unlike him, just like the rest of the GOP extremists, he's governed by special interests and lobbyists (crony capitalist like he […]

Two Important New Studies: Spending = Jobs

Michael Tomasky - Newsweek/Daily Beast special correspondent is also editor of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas.

[important]Two Important New Studies: Spending = Jobs[/important] >by Michael Tomasky Jul 6, 2012 12:25 PM EDT It’s going to be impossible for Obama and the Democrats to say what I’m about to write here and get any traction with it, so just to be clear, I know that going in. The political discourse is built […]

How Obama Can Really Hurt the GOP: Focus on Its Radical Economic Plan

Obama Fair Shot

 [important]Focus on Its Radical Economic Plan[/important] >by Michael Tomasky | Jul 7, 2012 4:45 AM EDT| The Daily Beast | The president can sink Romney by trumpeting the details of the ludicrous economic solutions he’s been backing. How Mitt would turn America into one big Pottersville. Three years ago, two years ago—heck, six months ago—I […]

Why Cory Booker and Corporate Friendly Dems Who Fear Attacking Wall Street Are a Big Problem for Democrats

Cory Booker

>b y Paul Waldman | AlterNet | May 28, 2012  | You won’t find Republicans who’ll criticize the moves the Romney campaign has made.  If you needed a reminder that Democrats and Republicans approach presidential elections very differently, the past few days have provided a vivid object lesson. Mitt Romney has made his time leading […]

The GOP’s Played-Out Race Card

Obama's Democratic Strategy

>by Melissa Harris-Perry | May 23, 2012   | This article appeared in the June 11, 2012 edition of The Nation.| May 24, 2012  |AlterNet Headlines [replies@alternet.org] Conservative strategists have been toying with how to use race against President Obama in this year’s election. So far, they’ve done a poor job of it. The following article […]

Obama spending binge never happened

Slowest Spending in Decades

[important]Commentary: Government outlays rising at slowest pace since 1950s[/important] >by Rex Nutting , MarketWatch | May 22, 2012, 12:01 a.m. EDT | [Wow, this is unbelievable and the conservatives don't believe anything that isn't coming from Brainwash TV News Fox aka GOP TV News! Gbismarc!] WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Of all the falsehoods told about President […]

GOP superdelegates: It’s over, Romney is nominee

Romney GOP Delegates Nominee

>By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER | April 07, 2012 | [Watch the video below: Mitt Romney versus Reality! Gbismarc!] WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s over, and Mitt Romney is going to be the GOP nominee for president. That’s the growing consensus among Republican National Committee members who will automatically attend the party’s national convention this summer and can […]

Obama Slams Ryan Budget: Social Darwinism

Obama Speech

>By Sarah Seltzer | Sourced from AlterNet |Posted at April 3, 2012, 10:51 am | President Obama came out swingin on economic issues today in a speech, in a preview of the showdown we’re soon to see as the election heats up. A particular target of his rhetoric? GOP budgetary darling Paul Ryan, whose plans […]

Op-Ed: President Obama is not a Muslim (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

Obama Walking Outside

>By Marc Brodsky  | March 22, 2012 | OPINION |JTA |[Well, what do you think about this article?] SAN FRANCISCO (JTA) – Pundits have been pointing fingers since a recent poll found that 50 percent of Mississippi and Alabama GOP supporters said they believe that President Obama is a Muslim (with approximately another 40 percent […]

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