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Why Keystone XL, War With Iran, and “Drill Baby Drill” Will Actually Raise Gas Prices

Oil Platform -Rig

>ByA Siegel | Energy Smart | March 20, 2012  | Republican energy policies are deliberately designed to raise gas prices in the short, near, mid, and long-term — and undermine America’s economy and security to boot. While Newt Gingrich travels the country extolling the power of a magical plan to lower gasoline prices (perhaps revolving […]

Birthers, Racists, Sexists and Homophobes: 13 Toxic Endorsers of GOP Presidential Candidates

Ron Paul

>By Adele M. Stan | AlterNet | March 18, 2012 | [Well, what do you think about this article?] What’s stunning about this year’s crop of endorsers is the torrent of venom, mendacity and absurdity that spills from their mouths and pens. A man, the ancient fable tells us, is known by the company he […]

1911 United, a new Super PAC, backs Barack Obama

Obama SuperPAC

>By DAVE LEVINTHAL | 1/1/12 12:44 PM EST |[Glad to see the participation from the Super PAC in this fight, in this battle, in this War of Words and Beliefs; in accordance with What We Stand for as People, Americans and as Democrats!] President Barack Obama has a new, moneyed supporter in this new year […]

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