Spotlight Racism: Mitt Romney and why we need to call racism what it is

Romney Fire

[important]Mitt Romney and why we need to call racism what it is[/important] >by Syreeta | Published: July 30, 2012 |Feministing | At the risk of sounding redundant, but again… enough with the race talk: “We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special,” the adviser said of Mr. […]

EXCLUSIVE:Romney Invested Millions in Firms That Pioneered High-Tech Outsourcing


[important]Romney Invested Millions in Firms That Pioneered High-Tech Outsourcing[/important] EXCLUSIVE: A government document shows that at Bain he held a $54 million stake in companies that manufactured electronics in China and Mexico for US firms. >By David Corn and Nick Baumann| Fri Jul. 20, 2012 3:00 AM PDT | In recent weeks, Barack Obama and […]

Spotlight – Operation “Piss Off Mitt” Seems to be Working

Romney taking the gloves off

[important]Venture capitalist  – out-of-touch – liar [/important] [Romney has some out-of-touch traits that make him unfit to be President: He's a serious flip-flopper, out-of-touch with the middle-class with a very low sensitivity level for people unlike him, just like the rest of the GOP extremists, he's governed by special interests and lobbyists (crony capitalist like he […]

Did Mitt Romney Commit Voter Fraud?

Mitt Romney6-13

[important]Did Mitt Romney Commit Voter Fraud?[/important] >By Stephanie Mencimer| Mon Jun. 13, 2011 10:12 AM PDT | Mother Jones MoJo | Mandi Wright/Zuma Did Mitt Romney commit voter fraud when he cast a ballot for Scott Brown in last year’s special election in Massachusetts? On Monday, one of his lesser known opponents for the GOP […]

How Obama Can Really Hurt the GOP: Focus on Its Radical Economic Plan

Obama Fair Shot

 [important]Focus on Its Radical Economic Plan[/important] >by Michael Tomasky | Jul 7, 2012 4:45 AM EDT| The Daily Beast | The president can sink Romney by trumpeting the details of the ludicrous economic solutions he’s been backing. How Mitt would turn America into one big Pottersville. Three years ago, two years ago—heck, six months ago—I […]

Why Cory Booker and Corporate Friendly Dems Who Fear Attacking Wall Street Are a Big Problem for Democrats

Cory Booker

>b y Paul Waldman | AlterNet | May 28, 2012  | You won’t find Republicans who’ll criticize the moves the Romney campaign has made.  If you needed a reminder that Democrats and Republicans approach presidential elections very differently, the past few days have provided a vivid object lesson. Mitt Romney has made his time leading […]

Birthers, Racists, Sexists and Homophobes: 13 Toxic Endorsers of GOP Presidential Candidates

Ron Paul

>By Adele M. Stan | AlterNet | March 18, 2012 | [Well, what do you think about this article?] What’s stunning about this year’s crop of endorsers is the torrent of venom, mendacity and absurdity that spills from their mouths and pens. A man, the ancient fable tells us, is known by the company he […]

Obama defends American faith amid GOP critique

Barack Obama

By KEN THOMAS, Associated Press – Sun Dec 4, 7:07 am ET |Well, here we go Republican trying to score some points to boost their political campaign run! Well, here we go Republican trying to score some points to boost their political campaign run! If You Agree, Press Like Comment and Share! | WASHINGTON – Republican Mitt Romney accuses […]

Obama’s Two-Edged Attack on Romney

—By Kevin Drum | Fri Oct. 14, 2011 8:28 AM PDT | Andrew Sullivan links to some anti-Mormon nutbaggery over at WorldNetDaily: “While he attempts to portray Mormonism as just another Christian religion, Mitt Romney counts on his skills to shift our attention away from what he truly believes,” says Tricia Erickson, author of “Can […]

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