Spotlight: America’s Biggest Newspapers Slam The GOP Over Shutdown

America's Biggest Newspapers Slam The GOP Over Shutdown

America’s Biggest Newspapers Slam The GOP Over Shutdown >by Jack Mirkinson | Posted: 10/02/2013 12:09 pm EDT  |  Updated: 10/03/2013 10:48 am EDT | The Huffington Post  | Republicans looking for supporters of their shutdown strategy will have to look somewhere other than the country’s biggest newspapers. Of the ten most widely-read papers in America, not a […]

Spotlight: Eric Holder to Announce Major Criminal Law Reforms

Mary Jane Tree

Eric Holder to Announce Major Criminal Law Reforms on Monday. It’s About Time this Administration Caught Up with the States. >by Chloe Cockburn, Advocacy and Policy Counsel, ACLU & Alex Stamm, ACLU Center for Justice at 3:58pm| Next Monday, Eric Holder will give a speech that we expect to propose some major policy shifts in […]

Exposed: NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre NRA

[important]Lawrence O’Donnell: NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre A ‘Desperate, Cornered Rat,’ ‘Lobbyist For Mass Murderers’ (VIDEO) [/important] Posted: 12/22/2012 12:46 am EST   |  Updated: 12/22/2012 11:20 am EST | Huff Post Media | Thanks to Puerto Ricans for Obama 2012 for sharing this… Lawrence O’Donnell condemned NRA president Wayne LaPierre for Friday his press conference about the […]

Highlight:Twelve facts about guns and mass shootings in the United States

Sandy Hook Elementary School Kids

[important]Twelve facts about guns and mass shootings in the United States[/important] >by Ezra Klein on December 14, 2012 at 2:07 pm | When we first collected much of this data, it was after the Aurora, Colo. shootings, and the air was thick with calls to avoid “politicizing” the tragedy. That is code, essentially, for “don’t talk […]

Spotlight Voters: Check Your Voting Status – Don’t Take it For Granted

Get Out the Vote

[important]DNC on the Black Vote: Don’t Take it For Granted[/important]  [Fast forward Re-post Sept 9, 2012 - Voter Suppression is still a great concern; especially in the battleground states! Check your voting status to ensure that you have all of the [Voter] Identification necessary to cast your vote this November 2012! Go to GottaVote  – […]

EXCLUSIVE:Romney Invested Millions in Firms That Pioneered High-Tech Outsourcing


[important]Romney Invested Millions in Firms That Pioneered High-Tech Outsourcing[/important] EXCLUSIVE: A government document shows that at Bain he held a $54 million stake in companies that manufactured electronics in China and Mexico for US firms. >By David Corn and Nick Baumann| Fri Jul. 20, 2012 3:00 AM PDT | In recent weeks, Barack Obama and […]

Why Bain Capital Matters

Mitt Romney-042811

[important]Why Bain Capital Matters [/important] >by Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm |Former Governor of Michigan, Faculty at UC Berkeley, Host of “The War Room with Jennifer Granholm” on Current TV | Posted: 07/12/2012 11:30 pm | There’s a reason why stories about the hollowing out of the middle class resonate — and why it resonates in […]

Mitt Romney: Republicans Problem, let’s not make him our problem!

Ron Paul

[important]Romney and the conservative battle![/important] >by Robert L. Gallimore |DLU| Posted May 19, 2012 | [ Go to the article below ] Personal Liberty News Digest (below) is a conservative news digest and this article is written to push Ron Paul as a third candidate; calling him the lesser of two evils. Yeah right? So, there […]

Right-wing Claims – If Obama’s Re-elected


“Take-Up Arms” rhetoric talk “Can It!” >Posted by Robert L. Gallimore|DLU| May 11, 2012 | [Go to: Newsletter Calls For 'Armed Revolution', Watch NRA Conspiracy video] OK, what’s the problem coming from the Right-wing and what’s with all of these groups calling for “Armed Revolution”, these Ted Neuget types and these “Scare the Left-wing from […]

GOP Obscures Its Role In Blocking Immigration Reform

David Axelrod

> by Sahil Kapur   | TPMDC |April 22, 2012, 1:35 PM |[Watch the video below on: Secret meeting to take down Obama exposed!  The GOP had no intentions on working with the President and his administration formulated by the Republican on the day of President Obama’s inauguration. See the video! The Republicans had planned […]

Jon Huntsman Criticizes Republican Party, Compares Actions To Communist China

Jon Huntsman

>by Huff Post |Posted: 04/22/2012 10:22 pm Updated: 04/22/2012 10:34 pm |[This is Jon Huntsman’s way of jockeying for the top position in the Americans Elect 2012 secret ballot slot aimed at electing the GOP candidate! The concept of Americans Elect is good, however the timing is wrong for both political parties - it reminds me […]

The Wild Hypocrisy of America’s Conservative Christians

The Cross

 >By David Sirota | April 20, 2012  | AlterNet |[Watch the video below on: Republicans Pro-Life or Pro-Death? The true hypocrisy of the American Right-wing! Gbismarc!] In Britain, the devout tend to be economic progressives. Why have American Christians embraced social Darwinism?   Here’s a newspaper headline that might induce a disbelieving double take: “Christians ‘More […]

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