Voting Rights

A Representative Congress: Enhancing African American Voting Rights in the South [...]

African American Voting Rights

[important]A Representative Congress: Enhancing African American Voting Rights in the South with Choice Voting[/important] >by Drew Spencer, Rob Richie  | Published November 27, 2012 | In southern states, racially polarized elections remain an active part of political life. Since 1965, the Voting Rights Act has guaranteed that African Americans in the South cannot be shut […]

Spotlight: Right-wing Voter Suppression [...]

PA Obama for America tile

[important]How Voter ID Laws Are Being Used to Disenfranchise Minorities and the Poor[/important] >by Andrew Cohen | Mar 16 2012, 12:10 PM ET |[Re-post! As of this day October 27, 2012, just days away from the most important presidential election since the end of the Civil War; Voter Suppression is still a part of the […]

Spotlight Voters: Check Your Voting Status – Don’t Take it For Granted

Get Out the Vote

[important]DNC on the Black Vote: Don’t Take it For Granted[/important]  [Fast forward Re-post Sept 9, 2012 - Voter Suppression is still a great concern; especially in the battleground states! Check your voting status to ensure that you have all of the [Voter] Identification necessary to cast your vote this November 2012! Go to GottaVote  – […]

Florida’s Voters – Purged

Rick Scott

[important]Florida’s Voters – Purged! [/important] >by Robert L. Gallimore | DLU |May 28, 2012 | Well, here we go Florida’s Voters – Purged! The Headlines should read Florida’s Voters are purged from the electoral system to systematically suppress Civil Rights and Voting Rights! GOP strategist are attacking a particular voting block to influence the upcoming […]

Human Rights Issues


[important]Voters Rights Suppression continues[/important] >by Robert L. Gallimore – Democratic Liberal Umbrella DLU | May 05, 2012 | We all have our own personal/political views, opinions, criticisms etc., about the President and the GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney; they are your feelings, your views and to each his own! However, this is not GOP TV News […]

Romney and Bork, a Dangerous Team: People For the American Way Campaign Exposes Romney’s Embrace of Judicial Extremism

Robert Bork

>By PFAW |April 19, 2012 |[Watch the video below on: Don't Let Romney Bork America! Gbismarc!] Today, People For the American Way launched a major new campaign – including a website, a web ad and an exclusive report – exposing Mitt Romney’s dangerous agenda for America’s courts. The campaign highlights Romney’s choice of Robert Bork […]

Backfired! 4 Ways the Ohio GOP Tilts Voting Rules But Ends Up Helping Democrats

Fair Elections Ohio

>ByJennifer Brunner | AlterNet | February 17, 2012  | [I see big trouble ahead for Republicans Party come November 2012 Election! Good! Gbismarc!]  Definition: BACKFIRED 1. When a result occurs opposite to that which was planned or expected. E.g. The plot backfired. The 2000 presidential election opened the eyes of many in politics to the […]

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